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etg testing

ETG Testing: Ensuring Alcohol Abstinence

  Even when the smell of alcohol is gone, it can still linger in the body. And that’s why breath and saliva tests can be unreliable.  Instead, ETG testing is a more reliable way of detecting alcohol in the body even after the superficial evidence is gone. While alcohol can still be detected on the […]

probation drug testing procedures

Understanding Probation Drug Testing Procedures

If you have been sentenced to probation in a court of law, more than likely you will have to submit to drug testing.  If you’ve never been in this situation before it can be scary. And you might be to know how probation drug testing procedures work.   In this article, we will explain the basics […]

fingernail drug testing

The Primary Differences Between Hair and Fingernail Drug Testing

When it comes to drug testing, there’s no one right way to approach a situation. Drug tests can be administered in several ways using a wide variety of samples. Two of the most common types of drug tests are hair and fingernail drug testing. There are big similarities between these two forms of testing, as […]

pass a drug test

5 Common Myths People Resort to in an Attempt to Pass a Drug Test

No one really likes getting drug tested. It’s a hassle, failing one could cost you severely, and many find it downright disrespectful. However, many of us don’t have a choice. Government agencies and many common professions require that the workers get drug tested. This has led to people coming up with numerous ways to try and […]

10 panel drug test

The Most Important Facts You Need to Know About a 10 Panel Drug Test

Maybe you suspect that a loved one is abusing drugs and want to take action. However, before you make your next move you may want to ensure that you have all the facts. A 10-panel drug test will give you all the facts you need. This drug test is done to test for the presence […]

how effective are saliva drug tests

How Effective Are Saliva Drug Tests?

Drug tests are used in all sorts of different fashions in the modern era. They might be part of an employment screening, a parole check-in, or as part of a larger health and wellness procedure. When it comes to drug testing, there’s a lot of different routes one can take as well. Saliva tests are […]

how to read a toxicology report

How to Read a Toxicology Report: Your Quick Guide

Are you planning on applying for a job? You’re likely to have to pass a drug screen. About 57% of all employers require drug testing before hiring. In some cases, a drug screen is ordered by the courts to ensure sobriety. No matter what your reason is for getting a drug screen, it’s important to […]

hair drug test

The Hairy Truth: 5 Myths About the Hair Drug Test

Depending on the industry you work in, drug screening may be a condition of employment. Some companies also use random drug testing to screen employees for insurance and employment purposes.  The most common method of screening is a urine test. However, the hair drug test is gaining popularity among employers for its accuracy and the […]

What Is a Street Drug Test Kit and What Does it Detect?

Many people require drug testing for new jobs and by court order, but how do you use a drug test kit? Regardless of why you need drug testing, there are options available where you can order the tests and have them processed. They can determine if you have recently consumed various street drugs and if […]

Were You Roofied? The Signs of Being Roofied and How to Find Out

A majority of the population has worried about date rape drugs at some point in their lives. Sixty-two percent of women surveyed by the DoJ had been drinking before experiencing assault or unwanted contact. A large percentage of those surveyed were already taking prescription medication, making them more vulnerable. Yet only a small percentage of people being […]

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