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3 Reasons Why Companies Should Drug Test Employees

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Leading a successful business takes more than just one person, it requires a hard-working team that is performing in tip-top shape every day. One way to ensure your employees are in great condition is through drug testing. Companies administer drug tests to their employees to ensure an overall healthy work environment.

1. Less turnover of incoming employees

When a person comes into an office for an interview, the only facts known about them are by what is on their resume and their answers during the interview. Another useful tool that allows for a business to gain insight into a potential employee is by administering a drug test during the screening process. These tests and their results can inform the company about the type of person they are considering bringing aboard the team. Drug testing allows for employers to know if a candidate will pose issues later on. Drug Tests helps employers avoid hiring candidates that would prevent a productive work environment and disrupting the flow of the work space. As a successful business, companies need reliable team members and that all starts with ensuring the people brought on will be able to perform.

2. Maintaining a healthy work space

It is important to remember that running a successful business requires the best production from an entire team. One way to ensure a team is maintaining these levels is through random drug testing. Employees who are aware that this policy is in place for the benefit of everyone in the workplace will avoid the risk of being chosen and failing. Enforcing a random drug test policy alleviates the stress of ensuring employee performance, and it will help identify the ones that are unable to adhere to company standards.

3. Avoid the risk of losing money due to poor employees

Companies are always running the risk of workers getting injured on the job, it is just a part of the workplace, but it is vital that companies not get lose vital dollars to workers compensation if the accident was drug related. Performing a drug test on an employee after an accident is a great tool for businesses to ensure they are not paying for the poor decision of the employee. This process just gives employers an added sense of security when it comes to these situations. Another great use of drug testing in the workplace is during an unexpected leave of absence. Say an employee misses two shifts and returns the next week wanting to come back to work, the employer may then utilize a drug test before allowing said employee to return. This way the employer knows that the leave of absence was not drug related, and the employee knows that the use of drugs will not be tolerated in the workplace.

Drug use in a professional workplace will not lead to a successful business. Ensuring that all employees are maintaining a drug-free lifestyle will lead to a more productive and healthy work environment.

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