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4 Tips for Choosing the Best DNA Test for Your Needs

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Trying to confirm if your spouse has cheated on you or who your daughter’s father is? A DNA test may help.

Thirty million individuals worldwide have taken DNA tests. However, not all DNA tests are the same.

How do you select the best DNA test for your needs? Let’s explore four things to consider when looking for the best DNA tests. 

1. Focus on Data Protection

When searching for the best DNA test, look for one from a company that is committed to protecting your data.

Sometimes a DNA company shares their customers’ data with a third party. For instance, a big DNA company may partner with a pharmaceutical company to turn their customers’ genetic information into profit.

It’s best to choose a DNA test provider that values your privacy over their business interests.

This means picking a test provider that works with a laboratory with top-tier data protection policies and protocols. This type of lab will stay current with today’s security standards.

If you send your DNA sample to this type of lab, you can be confident they will protect your data, not hand your information over to a large corporation. 

2. Top-Tier Genetic Marker Analysis

Look for a DNA test kit company that works with a lab that tests for at least 16 genetic markers. This is the DNA testing industry standard.

The more markers that are included in a test, the more dependable the DNA test is.

With a paternity testing lab that tests for 16 markers, one marker is used for determining the test taker’s gender based on the sample of DNA they’ve provided. Meanwhile, 15 markers are used for determining paternity.

Some labs don’t test as many markers. For instance, they might test just nine, 10, or 13 genetic markers. Avoid these labs.

Some laboratories test for more than 16 genetic markers. For instance, you might find a lab that tests for 20 or more. These are the best labs to work with. 

3. High DNA Testing Accuracy

Search for a DNA test kit provider that works with an accurate lab as well.

For instance, the AABB, the United States’ blood bank association, requires that lab testing for paternity continue to test until they’ve achieved 99% probability. When they’ve reached this testing level, the labs have found DNA patterns that fit one out of 100 males on average.

Some DNA testing labs are committed to achieving 99.9% probability instead. This means the DNA patterns they’ve found fit one out of every 1,000 males on average instead.

Other DNA testing labs take things further by testing until they’ve achieved 99.99% probability. This means they’ve found DNA patterns that match just one out of every 10,000 males on average.

Shoot for 99.99% probability when looking for the best DNA tests and the labs they’re affiliated with. However, make sure the lab you choose guarantees a 99.99% result.

Don’t settle for a statement about what the lab typically obtains or gets on average. You want a written guarantee as well as the promise of a refund if the lab fails.

The right lab with the right test can guarantee a highly accurate result even if they come across DNA mutations. If they’re testing for paternity, they should also generate an accurate result even if the mother isn’t tested.

Some labs claim a probability guarantee of 99.99% but include in their fine print that they don’t offer this guarantee if the child’s mom isn’t included or if DNA mutations are encountered during testing. Double-check this before ordering a test and sending it to the lab. 

4. Partnership With Accredited Laboratory

Finally, choose a DNA test kit provider that works with a lab accredited by the AABB.

This is important because in the US, no government agencies oversee paternity labs except in New York. In addition, in many places, companies don’t need local business licenses to operate as paternity labs.

Unless your chosen lab is AABB-accredited, you won’t have the assurance that their DNA testing process is correct. Verifying a lab’s AABB accreditation can help ensure you’re working with a legitimate lab rather than a profit-hungry web company posing as a lab.

An AABB-accredited lab’s trained professionals will know how to collect and handle DNA samples professionally. Their handling of your DNA sample must adhere to the established chain of custody requirements. This is the only way to ensure that your sample belongs to you, not another person being tested.

The lab should also have a strong scientific team. Otherwise, you can’t expect to receive a valid science-backed DNA report.

An accredited lab will also have up-to-date methods for analyzing DNA. This further increases your chances of receiving accurate results.

Note that there are about 37 accredited labs that test for paternity across North America. Call (301) 907-6977 to get a list of accredited labs. You can also get this list from the association’s website. 

How We Can Help With the Best DNA Test

To choose the best DNA test, look for a DNA test kit provider that works with an accredited lab. The lab should also be committed to protecting your data and analyzing at least 16 genetic markers. In addition, this lab should have a high standard for accuracy.

At ReliaLab Test, we offer numerous DNA tests to meet our customers’ various needs. For instance, you can order a paternity test, maternity test, or even a sibling or adoption test. We also offer prenatal and infidelity testing.

Contact us to learn more about our tests, and get the answers you need today!

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