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5 Common Myths People Resort to in an Attempt to Pass a Drug Test

Pass a drug test

No one really likes getting drug tested. It’s a hassle, failing one could cost you severely, and many find it downright disrespectful.

However, many of us don’t have a choice. Government agencies and many common professions require that the workers get drug tested. This has led to people coming up with numerous ways to try and pass a drug test.

Some methods are more successful than others and some are just plain ridiculous. Read ahead to learn about some common myths regarding drug tests.

Top Five Drug Test Myths

People come up with anything to pass a drug test. Some are downright absurd but there may be some truth in (almost) every myth.

Here are the top five most heard myths about drug tests.

Cranberry Juice to Pass a Drug Test

Ah yes, cranberry juice. It’s the bane of employers everywhere who want to drug test their employees. You can smoke as much weed as you want as long you drink some cranberry juice before the test.

Cranberry juice is one of many homemade ‘detox’ formulas that people think can help you pass a urine test

However, the only evidence that it works is from personal anecdotes. So, we don’t recommend putting too much confidence in them.

Antibiotic Use and Positive Results

Can you antibiotic use help you pass a drug test? Well, no. In fact, there is a myth going around that taking antibiotics can cause a positive result in someone who is clean (i.e. a false positive).

This has led some people to excuse their positive drug test result on the amoxicillin they took last month for a sinus infection.

This myth probably started due to the fact that some people taking quinolones give false positives on opioid screens. However, confirmatory testing would prove these people aren’t taking anything illegal.

Hemp Products

Hemp seed products, such as oil can be found in many health and beauty items and foods. There had led to some concern that people who use these types of things test positive for THC, the active ingredient in cannabis.

However, hemp only contains trace elements of THC. It would take a ridiculous amount of it to give a positive result.

Yet, if you use a lot of hemp products and are worried about failing it wouldn’t be entirely unreasonable to hold off until after the test. It’s better to be safe than sorry.

Detox Mouthwash for Drug Test

A saliva drug test is a relatively new and noninvasive way to test for banned substances. It’s really accurate but some people have attempted to fool them using mouthwash.

The common dental mouthwash you might see in any grocery store is not how to pass a saliva drug test

However, there may actually be a bit of truth to the myth. There are some specialized ‘mouthwash’ preparations that were made for this specific purpose.

The Gelatin Trick

There are rumors of people that use jello to pass drug test. It is believed to increase the rate of elimination of THC from the body.

Results You Can Rely On

As long as there are drug tests, there will be people who go to great lengths to fool them. Abstinence is the only surefire way to pass a drug a test but that won’t stop people from taking a chance.

These were just a few of the common ways people try to pass a drug test. Keep your eyes open and have a healthy dose of doubt.

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