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A Complete Guide to Post Accident DOT Drug Testing

Post accident DOT drug testing

It was overcast, dark and the rain made the roads slick. You didn’t even see the other car until it was too late! Now, the police (and your employer) want you to prove you weren’t under the influence of drugs or alcohol. According to a 2018 study, about 12.6 million drove a vehicle under the influence of illegal drugs in the United States alone! So, it makes sense that DOT drug testing is almost as common as a sobriety test. But what is post-accident DOT drug testing like? 

Don’t worry! Keep reading to learn everything you need to know before getting your DOT ordered drug test after an accident.

Who Has to Do a Post-accident Drug Test?

Accidents happen, but it’s important to strive for safety and wellbeing for all employees. In 2018, 5,250 American workers died due to workplace accidents. So employers and government agencies enforce rules to ensure a safe workplace environment.

The DOT considers certain types of employees as in “safety-sensitive positions”. If these employees get into an accident on the job, the DOT orders them to get a drug test.

Some of the jobs that the DOT considers “safety-sensitive” are:

  • School bus drivers
  • Truck drivers
  • Subway train operators
  • Train conductors
  • Plane/ helicopter maintenance crew
  • Pilots
  • Armed security personnel for transit systems
  • Ship captains

These are only a few of the positions on the list. If you think you might have a safety-sensitive job, you can confirm with your employer.

When Is Post-accident Dot Drug Testing Ordered?

If you get into an accident while at work driving or operating some sort of transit, the DOT wants a urine sample from you within 32 hours of the accident. If you don’t give your sample within that first 32 hours, your employer faces steep fines and you could lose your job.

Even if there were no injuries, be sure you take your drug test right away and keep your employer informed about where you went and when. 

What Drugs Do They Test For?

Illegal drug manufacturers come up with new concoctions all the time, so there’s no limit to the types of street drug tests one could find on the market. These are the kinds of street drugs that DOT drug test look for in your urine in the case of an accident:

  • Marijuana/THC
  • Cocaine
  • Amphetamines (such as methamphetamine or MDMA)
  • Opioids (including natural opiates and semi-synthetic opioids)
  • Phencyclidine (PCP)

Employers may choose to pay for a test that looks for more types of illicit drugs. But, for the DOT, these are the drug tests an employee must undergo after a DOT related workplace accident.

Passing a Drug Test

If you were unfortunate enough to have an accident while on the job, you might need to take a post-accident DOT drug test. The best way to make sure you don’t fail that test is to avoid consuming any illegal drugs!

No one should use illegal drugs, but those who work in safety-sensitive positions could lose their careers if they get caught. Some employers even do random drug screening, so it’s best not to partake if it’s not legal for you to do so.

We hope you enjoyed reading this article and that you learned a few things about post-accident DOT drug testing. If you have any questions about this article or if you need to order a drug test, contact us today!

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