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Can you be fired for failing a drug test

Can You Be Fired for Failing a Drug Test?

Drug and alcohol tests in the workplace are becoming more and more commonplace. However, for employees who haven’t gone through the process before or for parents watching their child be subjected to a test, it can be a little daunting. So, what exactly happens when a test comes back failed? Is that your job gone for good? […]

Can You Drug Test a Minor

Can Minors be Drug Tested?

If you’re a parent, an employer with minor employees, or a minor yourself, this may be a question you’ve asked yourself before. Whether you’re considering testing due to preventative or investigative reasons, there are other factors involved. Laws vary from state to state, and then there’s the effects it may have on relationships to consider. In short: It’s complicated.  This […]

Can Employers Drug Test Me

Can My Employer Drug Test Me?

If you’ve ever started a new job, chances are you’ve signed a contract of employment. Those contracts can include drug testing clauses. Each company is different, so the likelihood of testing, the frequency, and specific tests used can vary widely. The legalities behind such tests also vary. The two legally accepted methods are random drug […]

Drug Testing Pros and Cons

How long does an employer have to drug test me if I get hurt on the job?

Generally, an employer has up to 12 hours after a work-related accident to drug test the involved employee/employees. Depending on the type of testing, it would be no later than 32 hours after the initial incident report. The need for drug testing after incidents in the work place comes from rules and regulations around workers […]

How often do hospitals drug test?

Generally speaking, most hospitals require a clean drug test before employment. After that initial screening, the frequency of drug testing employees varies practice to practice. Since sobriety is essential to job function in hospitals, you can expect a drug test to come up after securing employment. As a condition of hire, the most commonly used […]

Urinalysis Drug Tests

How do labs detect synthetic urine?

Urine testing is the cheapest and fastest way to detect drug use. Unfortunately, synthetic urine is more widely used to attempt to cheat these drug tests. That’s why it is very important to use AABB labs that use specimen validity testing to ensure that untampered human urine is collected and tested for accurate results. A […]

Hair Follicle Drug Testing results

How Far Back Does a Hair Follicle Test Detect Drugs?

When considering drug testing, it’s important to have a solid understanding of how it works and what it’s capable of. While most people have a solid grasp on how urine testing works, a hair follicle test is unfamiliar to many. Despite this, it is a minimally invasive and highly effective method of drug testing. If […]

Do antidepressants show up on a drug test

Will Antidepressants Show Up On A Drug Test?

350 million people in the world suffer from depression at some point in their life. Thankfully, antidepressants can help to deal with the symptoms of depression and are hugely popular. It makes sense then that so many people are asking: do antidepressants show up on a drug test? While antidepressant meds aren’t included in drug screens, […]

Signs of being roofied

How To Know If You Were Roofied? 4 Signs & Symptoms of Being Roofied

How Do You Know If You Were Roofied? A majority of the population has worried about date rape drugs (roofies) at some point in their lives. This fear continues to grow each year, with people using Google to search for ‘How to know if you were roofied’ a staggering 1,780 times in the first half […]

Failed Drug test on probation

What Happens If You Fail a Drug Test on Probation?

If you’re one of the 4.5 million people on probation in the US, you know that remaining drug-free is important, as you’ll likely be subject to random drug tests. Any street drugs are off-limits while you’re on probation and in some cases, you can’t drink alcohol either. An increasing number of these people on probation […]

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