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DOT Drug Testing

Safety and Testing: How to Use DOT Drug Testing to Stay Compliant

It’s estimated that each year approximately 5,936 people are killed in accidents involving medium to large trucks. What’s more, an additional 160,608 injuries occur because of these accidents. While some of these accidents are simply related to driver error, the reality is that a good portion of them are caused by alcohol or drug use. That’s why the Department of Transportation […]

drug screening jobs

Why Drug Screening for Jobs Is So Important

If you own a business or company, embracing drug screening for jobs is essential. It’s a proactive measure to safeguard your workplace, employees, and reputation. Drug screening for jobs involves testing job applicants or employees for the presence of drugs or alcohol in their system. This practice ensures a safe work environment, protects your company’s […]

mouth swab drug test

Mouth Swab Drug Test 101: A Beginner’s Guide

How many of your employees are under the influence during work hours? Workplace drug testing is a touchy subject. It’s akin to a “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy for (some) employees – yet from the employer’s side of the fence, having staff on the job while they’re under the influence of illicit substances can land […]

drug screening

The Benefits of Implementing a Drug Screening Program in the Workplace

There are more people using drugs or alcohol at the workplace than you may realize. Approximately 22.5% of workers use them during working hours. Whether you are the boss or coworker of a drug user, it’s always cause for concern. What if they show up for work high or drunk, and what sort of trouble could […]

Hair Follicle Drug Testing

Your Substance Identification Guide to Hair Follicle Drug Testing

50% of Americans over 12 have used an illegal drug at least once in their lifetime. An even higher percentage of people regularly use or abuse legal substances like alcohol and prescription medications. If you have employees, you can guarantee that at least one uses drugs or alcohol. Substance abuse in the workplace is unfortunately […]

CBD and drug tests

CBD and Drug Tests: What Should You Know?

Did you know employees who abuse drugs are ten times more likely to miss work? However, if you’re a business or individual looking to test employees or yourself for drugs, you probably have one burning question: will CBD appear on a drug test?  The short answer is…maybe. As cannabis-derived compounds like CBD become increasingly popular […]

Hair Follicle Drug Testing

An Overview of How Hair Follicle Drug Testing Works

We live in a world where ensuring the safety and reliability of potential employees is paramount. The need for pre-employment drug screening has never been more evident. One method that has proven its testing accuracy is hair follicle drug testing. In this article, we delve into the intricacies of this testing procedure. We’ll explore why […]

drug screening

The Pros and Cons of Pre-Employment Drug Screening

In the world of business, ensuring the safety and productivity of our workforce is hugely important. One method that has grown in popularity to help achieve this is pre-employment drug screening. We’re going to look at the advantages and disadvantages of drug screening. We’ll provide insight to business owners considering implementing such a policy for their […]

mouth swab drug test

What Can a Mouth Swab Drug Test Detect?

Around 13% of Americans admit to having used illegal drugs at some point in the past months. This can cause all manner of issues in the workplace, from dangerous behavior to a lack of reliability.  But many people don’t know exactly what a mouth swab drug test actually does. After all, there are all kinds […]

Can you eat before a drug screening

Can You Eat Before A Drug Screening?

If you’ve ever been selected for a random drug screening, or had to do one for any reason, you’ve likely wondered before if you’re allowed to eat before a drug screening. Maybe you’ve heard rumors that if you eat a certain food the drug test will say you’re positive for a particular drug, and worried […]

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