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what does a background check show for employment

What Does A Background Check Show For Employment And Why Is It Needed

If you’re considering hiring a new candidate for an opening in your company, you probably want to learn about them. Beyond their résumé, you probably want to learn about their personality and what they think about your company. Most of all, you probably want to learn about their background. Yet, you can’t learn everything there […]

Are There Hair Follicle Drug Tests You Can Order Online?

Polls reveal that almost 60% of employers conduct drug tests on employee candidates. Most employers use urine drug tests, and hair follicle drug tests are available online. Employers drug test to increase safety and decrease drug-related absenteeism.  Are you about to start a new job? There’s a good chance you’ll get drug tested. A hair […]

Keep Your Business Safe: Use Alcohol Tests You Can Order Online

Up to 16 percent of work-related injuries stem from alcohol use. That means more than one out of every ten work-related injuries stem from alcohol use.  To protect your business, consider mandating alcohol testing for all employees. Things as simple as operating a cash register can turn hazardous when the operator has impaired senses.  You […]

Drug Testing Nashville TN - ReliaLab Test (formerly ARCpoint Labs)

The New Wave of Drugs in the Workplace

In keeping a drug-free work environment, employers are constantly battling new waves of drugs and have to adapt to the changes. When drug testing in the workplace first became a popular way to create a safer and more productive environment, employers were mainly looking for drugs that were popular at the time (marijuana, cocaine, and […]

Common Signs an Employee is Abusing Drugs, ReliaLab Test (formerly ARCPoint Labs)

The Common Signs an Employee is Abusing Drugs

We have said it multiple times, but a drug-free workplace is safer and more productive than one that has drugs present. Drug testing policies for Nashville businesses benefit the entire workplace, employees and employers alike. Whether your company tests their employees or not, there are common signs that employers should be on the lookout to […]

Testing for Opioids, ReliaLab Test, Nashville (formerly ARCpoint Labs)

Eliminating Opioids in An Opioid Crisis

The American workplace is currently fighting a raging war and that war is with opioids. The current opioid epidemic that we are seeing in American society extends to every aspect of life and that includes the workplace. Employers play a major role when it comes to eliminating this issue, and it all starts with creating […]

Steps to Creating A Drug-Free Workspace

In today’s society, drugs are being found and used in the workplace at a skyrocketing rate. This can lead to possible injuries, absenteeism in employees, and financial loss or fraud. These possible outcomes are employer’s worst nightmare and should be avoided at all costs to a company. The problem is that not all businesses have […]

Testing Positive for Metabolites

When an employer requires their employees to take a drug test, they are mainly hoping to ensure that the results don’t turn up positive for parent drugs, such as cocaine and marijuana. Fortunately enough, our standard six-panel drug tests that are used test for more than just a parent. They also test for drug metabolites. […]

Background checks

Return-To-Duty Drug Testing and Second Chances

Keeping the work place a safe and efficient environment is necessary for any business. As an employer, it is vital to keep employees safe and working in a productive space to ensure that the business can grow successfully. Second chances are a great way to show that, as a business, you care for your employees […]

What is Phencyclidine?

No workplace wants to find that their employees are abusing any type of drugs. Drug testing in the workplace is put into effect to avoid any harm or loss of productivity within such environments. Phencyclidine (also known as PCP) can be an extremely dangerous drug in the workplace and if found positive in a workplace […]

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Whether you are an individual looking to get a drug test done today or an employer looking to get a pre-employment drug test done today, ordering a test online is easier than ever! Just submit your order online, receive your test authorization by email, go to your local clinic to be tested, and receive your test results in 24 to 48 hours.

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