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Immigration DNA Testing

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As we have discussed in previous posts, DNA testing has made tremendous leaps and bounds over the last few decades. We have seen this tool progress multiple areas in society and one of these areas includes the immigration process. Immigration DNA testing helps determine immigration applications whether it be for a visa, green card, or to join relatives that have already made their way into the country. 

DNA is the blueprint of our genetic makeup, and it can be found in all the cells within our bodies including our skin, hair, fingernails, and blood. DNA is also inherited which is why it has become a useful tool when determining immigration applications. DNA testing is comparative testing which means you can take two different DNA samples and sequence them together. This helps determine if two people are biologically related. Birth certificates are another way that immigration departments use to help verify the relation between two people. However, this form of verification has its flaws. Birth certificates are not always readily available and can be forged to help someone gain access into a country. Many developed countries have turned to DNA tests to aid in this verification process. An immigration DNA test cannot be forged and by taking a quick mouth swab of the applicants, the department can determine without a shadow of a doubt if they are biologically related. 

So you may be wondering, why would DNA testing be necessary for immigration purposes? Well, this comes down to the laws and regulations that are placed over immigration. Every country has specific regulations that are placed over this process to determine who they should allow into their country. Let’s say that a family member is a permanent citizen of a country and that country will allow for other immediate family members to gain citizenship if they can prove their relation. This is where a DNA test would come in handy. DNA testing is the most straightforward and accurate process to determining the relation between two people, As long as the person has been truthful about their relationship to the citizen of the country, then a DNA test will confirm their claim and help grant them access into the country. 

The laws and regulations placed over the various immigration departments around the world are in place to help protect a country’s borders. It becomes a frustrating process when evidence of relation to a citizen, such as a birth certificate, is not available. DNA testing has allowed the opportunity to fill this void, and the necessary evidence can be provided relatively quickly. This process also keeps out any person who has falsified documents or lied on their application in relation to a current citizen of the country. 

DNA testing has proved to be a useful tool in various areas of society and with immigration regulations becoming more strict in multiple countries around the world, it has helped applicants provide the necessary evidence they need to gain access into a country so that they can be reunited with their family members. 

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