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How to Tell If Your Father is Not Your Biological Father

How to tell if your father is not your biological father

Whatever the reason you have to believe the man you call your father may not be your biological father, it can be a challenging time emotionally. You may have suspicions you formed yourself, or you may have been given some new information and feel the need to investigate further. In any case, it can certainly be a confusing and sensitive situation for all involved. Thankfully, today’s DNA tests can test for paternity in a reliable and timely fashion.

Our blog explores how you may be able to tell if your father is not your biological father, and what your options are to determine the truth. For further information or to order a DNA paternity test, contact our experienced and knowledgeable team at ReliaLab today.

How to Tell If Your Father is Not Your Biological Father

You may have one reason or many to believe the man you call your father may not be your biological dad. Maybe you look nothing like him, or have completely opposite personalities. Perhaps you resemble somebody from your mother’s past much more than you do the man you call your father. Some of the common indicators your dad may not be your biological father include:

1. Different Looks

While not every child resembles their father, having a completely different look from his can be a concern. This can then be exacerbated if you’re told you resemble your mother’s ex-husband, boyfriend, or friend. It’s not foolproof, as it’s possible you inherited his recessive traits or simply resemble your mother much more strongly, but there is a reason father-child facial resemblance is used to determine paternity and evaluate paternity fraud.

2. Different Personalities

Again, a clue but not a reason in and of itself. Your personality is your own, however parts of it are often the direct result from your parents’ DNA. For example, you may be bookish while your father was a jock, or the other way around. If you and your dad have little to nothing in common, this could suggest he isn’t your biological father.

3. He Favors Your Sibling/s

If you have a sibling or siblings and you feel that your dad pays more attention to them, treats you differently than them, or even feel that he loves them more than you, this can be a painful sign. He may act biased towards them even without realizing he’s doing it, or knowing that you’ve noticed.

4. Conflicting Timelines

Cross-checking information such as your initial due date, date of birth, and probable conception date can help to clue you in. For example, if your father was in the military and was stationed elsewhere approximately 9 months before you were born, any suspicions you have gain more validation.

5. DNA Test Results

While the above can arouse suspicion, a DNA test is the only reliable way to know for sure whether your father is your biological father or not. DNA tests compare your genetic markers to his to confirm or deny paternal matches.

DNA tests are often conducted by cheek swab but can also use hair samples, material from toothbrushes, fingernail clippings, and other materials that contain DNA samples. Direct DNA is preferred, however this isn’t always possible and so other methods are acceptable.

What If My Dad Has Passed Away?

This can certainly make the situation more difficult emotionally, but it doesn’t necessarily mean you won’t be able to get an answer. The DNA of his siblings and/or parents can be tested as well in order to establish a relationship.

Order Your DNA Paternity Test From ReliaLab Today

While there are many signs that may indicate your father is not your biological father, there’s only one way to know for sure. A DNA test will compare your genetic markers to his and provide the answer to your question. To order a DNA test and find out if your father is your biological father, contact our team at ReliaLab today.


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