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Allergy Testing

Allergy Testing

Are you considering getting allergy testing services in Nashville, TN?

Many people do not realize that dust, pollen, and other allergens do not cause the itching, sneezing, sinus swelling and pain, runny nose, watery eyes, and scratchy throat associated with allergies. These ailments come from your own immune system trying to fight off the substances that have entered your body.

According to the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America, allergies are no small matter. As many as 200,000 people a year visit the hospital for allergies, and 10,000 of those stay overnight. Some reactions to medicines, food, and insect stings cause death.

Some 30% of adults and 40% of children are affected by allergies, with more than 50 million people suffering from nasal allergies alone.

Outdoor allergies can be caused by trees, grass, pollen, mold, dust, cockroaches, cats, dogs, and rodents.

Skin allergies can come from poison ivy, poison oak, poison sumac, cockroaches, dust mites, and foods.

Food allergies are most common in children, and these can come from milk, wheat, soy, peanuts, tree nuts, fish, eggs, and shellfish.

Drug Allergies are most commonly caused by penicillin, but all drug reactions account for 20% of hospital patients.

Latex allergies affect 1% of the population.

Insect allergies affect 55 of people, and there are 90 to 100 deaths in the United States each year from reactions to stings.

In short, allergies should be taken very seriously, and the best place to start is by using allergy testing services ran by ReliaLab.

You can run a test for a single allergen, or you can ask for a group of tests, called a “panel.” Let’s look at the allergy testing that is available to you, and discuss what each one will determine.

Multi-Allergy Testing

This panel focuses on four areas: foods, grasses, pollen, and animals. These allergens contribute to many allergic reactions, so this is a good place to start. We use blood allergy testing, and it is excellent for determining food-based or environmentally-based allergens as a cause for allergic reactions. Once again, you can test for any single type of allergen, but this panel gives you a broader look at what could be causing the problem.

Before ordering this panel, contact ReliaLab to discuss your situation and we can give you a good idea of whether this group of tests will help you solve the allergy problem you are worried about.

Mold Tests

Mold is a major health risk, and should be seriously considered, especially for those who have asthma. There has been some awareness of mold in water-damaged homes and basements, but mold actually can occur out of doors as well. There are more than one thousand species of mold.

Symptoms of a mold allergy include: nasal congestion, sneezing, eye irritation, coughing, itchy throat, runny nose, and coughing. In other words, many of the symptoms of mold allergies are the same as for other allergies. Don’t assume mold is not the problem just because symptoms are similar to other reactions to irritants.

In addition, watch for asthma symptoms that get worse or occur more frequently.

Seasonal Allergy Testing Services

Some allergies only occur during certain types of the year. These seasonal allergies can happen during any season, but they tend to repeat during the same season each year. That is, spring has its own allergens, as do summer, winter, and fall.

Ask ReliaLab to run seasonal allergy testing to pinpoint the exact cause of these airborne irritants. This is a blood test that we test and analyze. You will be given results that can help you decide on what course of action to take to fight seasonal allergies or remove the allergens from your environment.

Most Commonly Requested Panels

Here is a rundown of some panels many people have ordered and find most useful.

  • Children’s Allergy Testing – This is a test that works for children of all ages. It can identify 32 different allergens that can cause allergic reactions. These are considered the basic allergens.
  • Regional Panel Number One – This particular test focuses on inhalants only. These include grasses, pollen, and trees but also thing such as dander that can be inhaled. In all, the test covers 45 different inhalants.
  • Regional Panel Number Two – The focus here is on local foods. The test examines 45 food allergies that are considered basic and that may be occurring in your region. This includes dairy products, nuts, wheat, shellfish, and fruits.
  • Broader Food Panel – If you think foods may be the problem, this panel will let us examine 90 different types of food, including any additives they may contain.
  • Combination Panel – This panel examines both food and inhalant sources. It tests for 45 different foods, and 45 common inhalants that cause problems. This is good for those who are unsure of the source of allergens.
  • Advanced Combination Panel – If you are more suspicious of foods but also want to test for inhalants, this panel may work for you. It tests for 90 foods and their additives, plus 45 inhalants that can be irritating.

The Bottom Line in Allergy Testing

Testing for allergies should not be an afterthought or a “maybe” if you are having problems. What starts as a simple allergic reaction can turn into a major difficulty quickly. Contact ReliaLab to determine which allergy testing service in Nashville, TN, would be most appropriate for you.

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