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Nail Clipping

Nail Drug Testing

Nail drug testing from either toes or fingers can reveal the presence of drugs. Because the nail bed is connected to the body's blood flow, drugs leave traces that are present in the nail. The test itself is much like the one for testing hair.

Why Choose Nail Drug Testing

Nail drug testing is much more likely to reveal drug use than blood or urine tests. The reason for this is that drugs get into the nail and stay there long after the bloodstream has cleared. Some applicants shave their heads to get around taking a hair test.

Nail testing can reveal whether drugs were ingested in the last six to eight months. This depends on the length of the nail. In addition, there is no way to outsmart this test. Substances such as nail polish will not alter the test results, and even cutting the nails won’t affect the accuracy of the test. If the head is shaved, hair may not be collected. However, nail clippings can always be collected.

How the Test is Performed

We collect samples from all ten fingers or toes, so that we have enough to make the test accurate. We clip the nail, collecting a thin slice. We then clean that slice with chemicals, and liquefy it. That is when we test for the presence of drugs. The protein in the nail contains the drug residue, and it is impossible to alter the results of this test through any efforts on the applicant’s part.

Why Nail Drug Testing Is Not Used At Some Labs

While nail drug testing is easy to do, many labs do not have the expertise to interpret the results. Nails can become contaminated by drugs simply by handling them. In addition, sweat from the skin near the nail can deposit drug residue on the nail. Blood flow to the nail is the most common way drugs are deposited, although blood flow to the nail bed occurs as well.

This is why we do not use nail scrapings. They don’t contain the entire history of the nail. We use nail clippings.

At ReliaLab, we know how to look at results and tell you if the applicant has a long-term drug use history.

What Nail Drug Testing Reveals

Nail drug testing gives an overview of the applicant’s drug use. That is, it can tell you the amount of time, up to eight months, that the applicant has been using drugs. Hair testing can provide a month-by-month account of drug use.

It can be wise to use both nail and hair testing, but either one is much more reliable than urine or blood tests. The proteins in hair and nails lock in drug residue for long periods.

The Bottom Line

When testing for drugs it is important to get as complete a history as possible. You are, after all, hiring an employee for the long term, and a person who has used drugs in the past is likely to use them again the more that time passes. The tests for short-term use can easily be beaten if the applicant simply abstains from use days prior to the test. However, tests such as the nail test reveal long-term use and therefore are a better indicator of the applicant’s lifestyle as related to drugs.

Call ReliaLab to discuss which nail drug test is right for your needs. We are experts at selecting and conducting the right tests so that you will know you are hiring the best candidates. You will have peace of mind knowing you have used the best testing lab.

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