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The Industries that Require Employee Drug Testing


Not every workplace requires that their employees take a drug test. Although it is proven that a drug free workplace is much safer and more productive, it is up to individual company’s discretion whether or not they choose to test. This is true for most industries, but there are select fields in which every employee is mandated to take a drug test throughout their employment. These certain industries must ensure that their employees are prepared for each duty with a sober and clear mind.


Working in the transportation industry, you are in charge of getting giant groups of people from point A to point B every day. Whether it be by train, bus, or plane, people are placing their lives in the hands of the person behind the wheel and expect to arrive at their destination safely. This is why drug testing in this area is so vital. In our previous blog post, we identified the difference between a DOT drug test and regular workplace drug tests. This is mandatory for any person that operates under this industry. If the operator of such transportation systems is not at 100% when reporting for their duty, they are not only putting the lives of the people riding with them in danger but also to the general public.


Construction workers operate with extremely heavy equipment and not in the safest environments. If a worker reports for their shift under the influence of drugs, they are creating a ginormous risk for themselves and their fellow coworkers. Drug tests are put into place within this industry so that the people working in it can focus on every detail of their job and ensure that the on the job accidents are kept to a minimum. By having an employee come to the job site impaired from the use of drugs, they are creating an already risky occupation even riskier.


The sports world is another industry in which the people employed within it are required to abide by drug testing policies throughout their employment. Although employers are looking for recreational drugs within their players, drug testing athletes also ensures that they are not partaking in anything that would give them an unfair advantage on gameday. Athletes are expected to stay within these guidelines and improve their talents naturally. Recreational drugs are also looked for when drug testing athletes to ensure that they are being productive and leading by example to the general public. With athletes having such a major platform in society, they are held to higher standards to keep them down the right path.

These industries play giant roles in society, and the employees operating in them are required to live a sober and drug free life to ensure they can do their jobs effectively. Many other industries are not required to test all employees but by doing so, they are creating better spaces in which their companies can grow and thrive.

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