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The Really Cool Things DNA Testing Can Do

Cool Things DNA testing can do

Over the last couple of decades, our world has seen quite the advancements in the scientific world. One of these advancements is DNA testing and what we can learn from a person’s DNA test. We have all heard of websites such as Ancestry and 23andme. These sites will let you send in a DNA sample and once they have tested it, you can learn all sorts of information about the origins of your family. This is just one of the great things that DNA testing gives us, and we want to tell you about the other cool things you could learn from taking a DNA test.

Answer Ancient Mysteries

That’s right! DNA testing has helped us solve some of the world’s oldest mysteries. Have you ever heard of King Richard III of England? No one knew where his body had been buried for centuries, that is until a random body was found in a parking lot in Leicester. Scientists extracted DNA from the bones that were found and were able to connect them to Richard’s family line. This is not the only time that DNA has been used to solve ancient mysteries like the one mentioned above. As this area of science continues to progress and advance, scientists hope that they can study the DNA from Neanderthals to further understand the evolution of humans.

Determine Your Dog’s Breed

Have you ever been curious as to where your trusty companion gets his/her physical traits from? Or even their personalities? Well, did you know that a DNA test can give you a breakdown of exactly what breeds your dog is made up from? By taking a sample of your dog’s DNA, scientists can test it across hundreds of different breeds to see if there is any genetic match. These DNA tests can even break down what percent each breed your mutt comes from.

Predict the Future

Now, we’re not talking about rubbing a crystal ball to see what your life is going to look like in 15 years. We are talking about a prenatal DNA test. Most of the time when you hear about a prenatal DNA test, it is used to determine who the father of the child is, which this test can do. A prenatal DNA test can also give you information about any genetic disorder your baby might have. By taking a blood sample from the mother and a saliva sample from the father, scientists can determine if a baby will have any abnormalities or genetic disorders. Scientists are even expanding their test results to identify developmental delays and intellectual disabilities.

The science world has given us so much, and DNA testing has offered up some much information about what makes us who we are. So, if you think that a DNA test is just to catch criminals or learn more about your family tree, think again. The world of DNA can offer up endless possibilities, and we look forward to any further advancements.

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