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What a DNA Test Can Tell You About Someone’s Genetics

DNA Testing under microscope

The power of technology and science has boomed over the last decade or so, and it is constantly evolving, giving us more information about the world we live in every day. This statement is also true for a DNA test. The amount of information that can be gathered from a simple swab of someone cheek or a strand of their hair is truly fascinating. We want to dive into some of these areas and that information you can learn from a simple DNA test.

One of the most common uses in today’s society for a DNA test is in the form of a paternity test. If you have ever watched a show like Jerry Springer or Maury, then you know exactly what a paternity test is used for, and the name of the test says it all. It is used to determine who the father of a child is. This is one of the main reasons someone will choose to use a DNA test.

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Another big area this form of testing is used is to discover the ancestry of a person. This has greatly improved over the last few years and has also become extremely popular. People want to fill out their family trees and know exactly where their heritage comes from. The amount of time a DNA test can trace back to is astounding, and it can give a person great insight into where they come from.

This next area is not used as much because of its cost, but DNA testing can be taken to the next level as far as genetics go. When a family chooses to have their child’s genetics tested, the amount of information that can be gathered is beneficial to the family. Most physical attributes of a child can be determined through genetic testing, as well as the sex of the baby. This information can be taken even further as far as certain disorders and diseases go. For example, if a DNA test result comes back, and the lab tech notices you are caring the BRCA 1 or BRCA 2 gene, then they can say there is a great chance you will develop breast cancer at some point in your life. Our genetics make us who we are, and the information that can be found out from them can give great insight.

The last area we are going to discuss is how DNA testing is used to help solve crimes. You see it in CSI or Law and Order when they find a fingerprint at a crime scene. This can be run through a database to determine who committed the crime. It can also be used to rule out a certain suspect if their DNA does not match DNA that was found at the crime scene. DNA testing has greatly advanced our society in many ways, and the fact that no one’s DNA is the same is fascinating in itself.


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