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What Are the Benefits of Random Drug Testing My Employees?

Random Drug Testing

The purpose of random drug testing in the workplace environment ins to minimize and prevent the hiring of employees that may be addicted to drugs. Drug testing is seen as an essential process that helps to keep the workplace a peaceful and prosperous environment for all.

Before being hired, most employers require that employees take a drug test, and then throughout the time they are with the company may be subjected to more tests. In place for many companies are rules and guidelines prohibiting the use of drugs and alcohol while they are at work.

There are many benefits for employers when it comes to drug testing their employees.

Random Drug Testing: Employee Safety

Several jobs are dangerous and require complete focus when doing the job. Prohibiting the use of drugs and alcohol while working ensures that the employees remain safe and free from injury.

For example, if you work in a construction zone and are under the influence, you could drop a heavy object on yourself or someone else. This is why drug testing is completed before and throughout the employment of a person. This is to ensure they are completing their job free from influence.

Ensure Employee Productivity

When a person is under the influence of drugs, they are not the most dependable or productive people and can result in random drug testing. An employer hires you to come to work and get the job done correctly to make the company money.

If you are at work under the influence and not being productive, then you are essentially costing the company money. The point of hiring you was to increase company revenue not to lose it. 

A drug test will ensure that employees have a clear mind and can come to work and complete their job the way they are meant too.

Motivate Employee Change

Perhaps, your employer is aware that you are beginning to show signs of an addiction problem and want to help you. They may subject you to drug testing as a wake-up call that you need to get help.

Some employers may allow you the chance to enter a rehabilitation program before being terminated from your job. And if rehab is not completed and you don’t take the warning seriously, then they may move forward with the job termination.

Avoid Foreseeable Problems

Employers, as mentioned earlier, hired you to assist the company in making money rather than losing it. A drug test may be issued to weed out a problem before it becomes a problem.

Once a pattern starts to emerge as a person uses drugs, an employer must make the decision to keep or fire the employee. If they are trying to avoid issues in the future, then they will go ahead and let the employee go.

Drug Test Time

It can be difficult to watch an employee spiral out of control. However, as an employer, your main priority is to ensure the success of your business longterm. Part of that responsibility is cutting the weeds out of the garden.

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