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When Should You Order an Allergy Test?

Allergy Tests

A shocking 32 million Americans struggle with food allergies, not to mention the millions who are also allergic to things like pollen, weeds, and medications.

If you’re struggling with ongoing symptoms and discomfort it could be caused by allergens in your daily life.

Luckily there are tests that can help you figure out what is causing your discomfort. However, getting an allergy test isn’t right for everyone.

Allergy tests help find allergies to things you eat, touch, or breathe in. Read on to learn when to get an allergy test.

How is Allergy Testing Done?

There are a few ways you may be tested for allergies. One way is when the doctor will apply the allergen to your skin. This is administered to your skin after it is gently scratched with a plastic device. It is considered the “skin prick” method.

A second method is when the allergen is placed beneath your skin using a syringe. A small drop of the allergen is inserted under the skin to see how it reacts. This is known as intradermal skin testing.

You can also be tested for allergens by having your blood drawn. These methods may cause some minor discomfort but is not very painful.

If you’re worried about having an extreme reaction to these tests, don’t be. It is unlikely that having these allergy tests done will cause a systemic allergic reaction.

This would be when inflammation spreads throughout your body. The risk is very minimum, however, if this is a concern a blood test is a great alternative to avoid this.

When You Should Get an Allergy Test

If you are suffering from symptoms such as an itchy throat, hives, runny eyes, sneezing, or itchy skin rashes, then you may need to get an allergy test. You should see your doctor if you are noticing symptoms that come and go without a clear reason.

From there, your doctor can talk to you about your symptoms and determine if an allergy test is right for you.

Allergy tests can help you identify an allergic reaction to a wide variety of things including pollen, medications, food, animals, dust, mold, and grass. However, you don’t want to have an allergy test without first exhibiting symptoms. This is because allergy tests could create a false positive.

When you show up for your doctor’s appointment, make sure you bring a list of all your symptoms. You should include some things that you think could be triggering them.

When NOT to Take Allergy Tests

It can be tricky trying to figure out what the cause of allergy symptoms are. This is because allergy tests aren’t always 100% accurate.

There are some situations when taking an allergy test is unnecessary. Not all allergy tests are created equally. If you try screening yourself at home you may get inaccurate results. These tests can be unreliable and may lead to some unnecessary life changes.

For example, you may have a different medical issue but decide to take an allergy test without first seeing a doctor. This test could provide inaccurate results that cause you to remove things from your life.

You may falsely believe you have allergies to things. This can cause stress and anxiety over an allergy that does not exist. It can also lead to a poor diet if you are removing foods that are nutritious for you and are not actually causing you harm.

Another negative effect of false allergy tests is if it says you are allergic to cats or dogs. This could result in you giving up a beloved pet. Even though the pet is not actually the cause of your symptoms.

Allergy tests can be expensive. Unless you have actual symptoms, you might be wasting your money by getting a test for no reason.

In addition, adults and children are eligible for allergy tests, however they are not given to infants. This is with the exception of testing for a peanut allergy at four months or older, if the infant has had skin rashes or a known egg allergy.

Feel Healthy Again!

Allergies can take a toll on your health and well-being, especially when you’re not sure what is causing your symptoms. Make sure you are responsible when it comes to getting an allergy test. Don’t worry yourself with false results if you don’t have any symptoms currently.

Ready to get tested for your allergies and start feeling well again? We provide accurate allergy testing for a variety of allergens. Check out our services here.

Want more advice on tests your body may need? Check out our blog for more valuable information.

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