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Blood Drawing

Blood Lab

At ReliaLab Test, we offer top-quality blood lab services in Nashville, TN. Our titer blood lab test determines how well your immune system is working. It measures your resistance to viruses. This can be vital for those working in the healthcare professions, as well as for school-age children and teachers.

How Is Blood Lab Immunity Measured?

We look for the number of antibodies in the body. A high count on antibodies indicates the individual has good immunity for viruses.

Common Viruses to Check For:

  • MMR (measles, mumps, rubella)
  • Varicella (chicken pox)
  • Mononucleosis (mono)
  • Hepatitis B

Let’s look at some of the specific needs for titer testing.

Blood Lab for Applying to Health Schools

Using a blood lab for a titer test is essential for healthcare students, so they can be aware of their risks for going into a health profession.

A comprehensive panel will test for:

  • Hepatitis A Antibody
  • Hepatitis B Titer
  • Hepatitis C Test
  • Hepatitis Panel (A, B and C)
  • MMR Titer
  • Varicella Titer
  • Rabies Titer-TDap
  • TB Screen

Note that at the time of the titer test, we can also screen for drugs and administer a flu shot.

Tests and Vaccines for School Children

Many parents worry about exposing their children to viruses at school. It is important to know you child’s immunity level so you can get the proper vaccines.

Here are the blood lab services we offer for schools and school-age children:

ReliaLab can take care of a wide variety of needs for students. We provide vaccinations, physicals, testing for tuberculosis, and blood lab screening services, in addition to blood titer testing.

We make such services easy and affordable.

Test offers a complete array of student health services including vaccinations, school physicals, TB skin testing, drug screening and blood lab testing for immunity. How do students save money with our services?

    1. ReliaLab provides discount for students on vaccines.
    2. We will conduct all tests, provide vaccines, and do titer testing in one location.
    3. There is no charge for administrative fees for students getting vaccines.
    4. We can reduce the number of vaccines needed by reviewing each student’s vaccination records. That way, only the missing vaccines need to be provided.
    5. ReliaLab can provide proof to your school that you have previously had vaccines. We do this through a blood test.
    6. We charge about half the price for a titer test than other labs do.
    7. We will email you when your vaccines are due so that you can meet school deadlines.
    8. Our TB skin test has two steps, but we are unique in that we read the results for stop one. You only need the step two test if test one is positive. This can save money.

The Bottom Line in Blood Lab Work

Take the guesswork out of immunity to viruses. Get a test that can tell how well your body can fight off infections, and get vaccines for the most common ones. This can maintain health and prevent sick days-or weeks!

Immunity will become increasingly important as viruses continue to mutate and spread across the globe. Blood lab testing will continue to evolve, and the testing industry will continue to develop new tests to protect the public. Unfortunately, many people do not understand the need for immunity testing. You can be ahead of the crowed by becoming informed about your condition or the condition of your family.

Call ReliaLab today to discuss your immunity needs.

The ReliaLab Difference

ReliaLab in Nashville, Tennessee is connected to the best sources of innovation and improvement in the testing industry, and we strive to keep our facility up-to-date and modern.

Blood lab tests get replaced all the time. When they do, we will know it, and we will replace those tests with the best modern alternatives. This assures you that you are getting results that are the best science currently has to offer.

In addition, we provide testing for both the public and institutions.

This means the individual can have access to the sophisticated tests that hospitals use (usually at a fraction of the cost hospitals charge), and the most professional interpretation and analysis of test results.

On the other hand, institutions, form healthcare to law enforcement to corporations that want employee testing can count on ReliaLab to provide the most accurate and timely results in the testing industry.

It should be noted that small businesses will find our services attractive as well. A small business can have the same tests run that a large corporation orders. The cost is affordable, and the protection of your business is invaluable.

Finally, parents can make sure their children are health by ordering tests through us. Childhood is the period of greatest vulnerability to viruses and other health problems, and ReliaLab tests can provide knowledge as well of peace of mind. Knowing your child’s physical condition can help you assess the risks involved in attending school or being around sick children in other circumstances.

ReliaLab is simply an essential part of establishing health, safety and well-being for the entire population.

Testing may not always be in the forefront of your mind, but that doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be. The popularity of preventive medicine is fine, but without knowing present physical condition and potential future risks, preventive medicine is not possible.

If you are unsure how to use blood lab screening services in Nashville, TN for your current circumstances, call or come by so we can discuss your options and explain the benefits to you.

ReliaLab, your secret weapon against health, accident, legal, and professional problems.

Blood Screening available only at our Nashville location.

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