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8 panel drug test

8 Panel Drug Test: Everything You Need to Know for Accurate Results

The latest statistics reveal that 5,846 people died in 2022 from fatal work injuries. This number includes all types of reported deaths at the workplace, including overdoses. Overdoses occur from legal and illegal drug use for several reasons. Drug use affects a person’s mind, senses, and reflexes, which can lead to injuries and other issues […]

allergy test kit

How Does an Allergy Test Kit Work?

As allergies have become more common in America, allergy test kits have become increasingly popular as well. This is because people seek convenient and affordable ways to identify potential allergens that may be causing adverse reactions An allergy test kit offers a simple and accessible method for individuals to test themselves for common allergens in […]

are home paternity tests accurate

Are Home Paternity Tests Accurate?

According to a 2022 study, 11% of men raising children weren’t their biological fathers — that child may be yours or not. This is why paternity tests are important. And luckily, you can conduct these tests in the comfort of your own home. But with the rise of at-home testing kits, you may be asking: […]

DOT Drug Testing

Safety and Testing: How to Use DOT Drug Testing to Stay Compliant

It’s estimated that each year approximately 5,936 people are killed in accidents involving medium to large trucks. What’s more, an additional 160,608 injuries occur because of these accidents. While some of these accidents are simply related to driver error, the reality is that a good portion of them are caused by alcohol or drug use. That’s why the Department of Transportation […]

does alcohol show up on a drug test for work

Does Alcohol Show up on a Drug Test for Work, and How to Test Employees?

How confident are you that your employees represent the clean, sober image your brand stands for? The stakes are high in ensuring a drug-free workplace, but there’s a common curveball: does alcohol show up on a drug test for work? The truth is, while you focus on cultivating a productive and safe environment, alcohol can […]

dog allergy test

Why You Should Take a Dog Allergy Test Before Adopting

Who doesn’t melt at the sight of a wagging tail and those puppy eyes? Welcoming a new dog into your life can be a bundle of joy, but it’s not just about the belly rubs and park runs. It’s a big step, one that might come with a sneeze or two if you’re not careful. We’re […]

drug screening jobs

Why Drug Screening for Jobs Is So Important

If you own a business or company, embracing drug screening for jobs is essential. It’s a proactive measure to safeguard your workplace, employees, and reputation. Drug screening for jobs involves testing job applicants or employees for the presence of drugs or alcohol in their system. This practice ensures a safe work environment, protects your company’s […]

EtG hair test

Is an EtG Hair Test Accurate for Proof of Abstinence?

Excessive alcohol consumption costs the United States billions of dollars every year. 72% of the total costs due to excessive drinking resulted from losses in workplace productivity. Excessive drinking can be discovered through alcohol testing forms, such as EtG testing. Whether you need an EtG hair test for employment reasons, or as evidence of alcohol […]

post accident drug test

Reasonable Suspicion: Why You Should Perform Post Accident Drug Tests

There’s been an accident at your workplace, and you are concerned that someone involved might be under the influence. What do you do? In the aftermath of a workplace accident, the path to clarity and safety often begins with a crucial step: the post accident drug test. Today we’re unraveling the why and how of […]

cheater test

Cheater Test: How Does an Infidelity DNA Test Work?

According to a new report, 16% of married couples admitted to being unfaithful. In an age where trust is often tested, infidelity DNA tests have emerged as a new light for those seeking clarity in their relationships. This innovative method replaces guesswork with concrete evidence, helping to resolve doubts and strengthen bonds. If you suspect a cheating spouse, […]

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