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Can you eat before a drug screening

Can You Eat Before A Drug Screening?

If you’ve ever been selected for a random drug screening, or had to do one for any reason, you’ve likely wondered before if you’re allowed to eat before a drug screening. Maybe you’ve heard rumors that if you eat a certain food the drug test will say you’re positive for a particular drug, and worried […]

Legal vs. Non-Legal DNA Tests

Legal vs. Non-Legal DNA Tests

People may want to undergo DNA testing for themselves or for others for a wide variety of reasons. Some of these reasons are legal while some of them are not, making them inadmissible in court. In many cases, people use DNA testing to determine paternity. However, not every paternity DNA test is legally admissible.  Read […]

Drug testing

Understanding Pre-Employment Drug Testing

A significant part of creating a productive and safe workplace is the employment of people you can trust and rely on. Pre-employment drug testing allows companies to make informed decisions when selecting employees. Substance use and abuse cause issues that many employers must deal with. Drug use can be financially draining for employers and employees, […]

How accurate is sibling dna testing

How Accurate Is Sibling DNA Testing?

Many people are familiar with the idea of DNA testing, but may believe it begins and ends with paternity testing. This is not the case— familial DNA tests can also determine maternity, aunts and uncles, and siblings. However, while paternity testing provides very conclusive results, sibling DNA testing is not always as reliable. This blog […]

When was paternity testing invented

When Was Paternity Testing Invented?

Paternity testing is a form of DNA testing that confirms who a person’s father is. This information can be useful for legal and medical reasons, peace of mind, and forming one’s self-identity. Prior to the scientific methods to determine a biological father, juries and judges would decide who to believe in cases of child support […]

Alcohol testing

Retesting DUI BAC levels for your DUI case

What is BAC?   BAC stands for Blood Alcohol Concentration. It’s the percent of alcohol in the blood stream. The blood alcohol concentration level for most states is 0.8. This is the number that can decide between being arrested for a DUI or not. It’s extremely important for your possible DUI case, and you want […]

Paternity Test

Can You Do a Paternity Test While Pregnant?

When you’re pregnant, it makes sense to want to know as much as you possibly can. While some things can be easier to navigate than others, it doesn’t mean the harder questions need to go unanswered— or even wait until the baby is born. Whether it’s your first pregnancy or an addition to your growing […]

How to tell if your father is not your biological father

How to Tell If Your Father is Not Your Biological Father

Whatever the reason you have to believe the man you call your father may not be your biological father, it can be a challenging time emotionally. You may have suspicions you formed yourself, or you may have been given some new information and feel the need to investigate further. In any case, it can certainly […]

What Are Some Limitations to Drug Testing

What Are Some Limitations to Drug Testing?

As great as it would be for one test to have all the answers, this isn’t usually the case. This applies to many situations and questions in life, including when it comes to drug testing. While drug testing is certainly useful and helpful in a wide range of scenarios, there’s no one test to rule […]

Why Drug Testing in Schools Isn’t a Good Idea

With so many of us inundated with constant news stories and warnings about the dangers of young people being exposed to dangerous substances, random drug testing in schools may seem like a great way to deter students from getting caught up in things they should avoid. However, there is a strong case to be made […]

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