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cheater test

Cheater Test: How Does an Infidelity DNA Test Work?

According to a new report, 16% of married couples admitted to being unfaithful. In an age where trust is often tested, infidelity DNA tests have emerged as a new light for those seeking clarity in their relationships. This innovative method replaces guesswork with concrete evidence, helping to resolve doubts and strengthen bonds. If you suspect a cheating spouse, […]

sibling DNA testing

Your Questions About Sibling DNA Testing: Answered

Siblings have the closest DNA match of all biological relationships except for parents and their full children. Full siblings share about 50% of the same DNA, or approximately 25% from each parent. With so much shared genetic material, sibling DNA testing is incredibly accurate. These tests can identify if two people share the same parent(s), […]

how long does a DNA test take

How Long Does a DNA Test Take?

DNA is in every cell of our body, but we take for granted how much information it contains. Scientists estimate that we could store all of humanity’s data in a ping-pong ball-sized container of DNA. Fortunately, scientists have figured out how to decode long reams of DNA in a fast and affordable fashion. You can […]

DNA Tests

The Science Behind DNA Tests: Understanding the Basics

Your DNA is a highly effective storage device for storing, well, you. It holds so much information that you could fit the entire contents of Facebook into half a poppy-seed-sized clump of DNA. DNA holds the instructions to build and rebuild your body from your skin cells to your neurons. Your DNA is unique, different from that of every […]

DNA Tests

How DNA Tests Can Help in Making Informed Decisions

More than 20 percent of Americans have taken at-home DNA tests, according to a recent survey from YouGov. And more than 40 percent say if one were offered at no cost, they’d take one. If you are curious about DNA test results, it’s obvious many of your fellow Americans are too. DNA tests allow you […]

DNA tests

The Role of DNA Tests in Modern Healthcare

DNA tests can reveal a lot of information about what is going on inside our bodies. It can say what diseases we may be prone to, whose genetics we have, and even allow us to get an early diagnosis on other issues.  There is no shortage of things you can test for, as there are […]

paternity DNA testing

How Paternity DNA Testing Can Resolve Paternity Disputes

Did you know that nearly 300,000 paternity tests are performed in the United States every year? These tests are performed to verify or disprove a father’s paternity. Families are torn apart every day due to paternity disputes. Paternity disputes are emotional and legal situations where the paternity of a father is being questioned. These disagreements […]

best dna test

4 Tips for Choosing the Best DNA Test for Your Needs

Trying to confirm if your spouse has cheated on you or who your daughter’s father is? A DNA test may help. Thirty million individuals worldwide have taken DNA tests. However, not all DNA tests are the same. How do you select the best DNA test for your needs? Let’s explore four things to consider when […]

Home Paternity Test

How Does a Home Paternity Test Work?

Each year, 40% of US babies are born to unmarried parents. The number of babies born to unmarried parents is on the rise. So, it should be no wonder so many people are searching for home paternity tests. A home paternity taste is just as effective and reliable as those given in court or prescribed by […]

Paternity testing dna markers

What DNA Markers Are Used In Paternity Testing?

Paternity testing is complex and involves a high-level understanding of DNA structures and many others facets of science. As such, it’s certainly not common for most people to understand how paternity DNA testing works! If you’ve ever wondered what DNA markers are used in paternity testing and how the process works, we lay down the […]

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