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Drug testing

Understanding Pre-Employment Drug Testing

A significant part of creating a productive and safe workplace is the employment of people you can trust and rely on. Pre-employment drug testing allows companies to make informed decisions when selecting employees. Substance use and abuse cause issues that many employers must deal with. Drug use can be financially draining for employers and employees, […]

How accurate is sibling dna testing

How Accurate Is Sibling DNA Testing?

Many people are familiar with the idea of DNA testing, but may believe it begins and ends with paternity testing. This is not the case— familial DNA tests can also determine maternity, aunts and uncles, and siblings. However, while paternity testing provides very conclusive results, sibling DNA testing is not always as reliable. This blog […]

When was paternity testing invented

When Was Paternity Testing Invented?

Paternity testing is a form of DNA testing that confirms who a person’s father is. This information can be useful for legal and medical reasons, peace of mind, and forming one’s self-identity. Prior to the scientific methods to determine a biological father, juries and judges would decide who to believe in cases of child support […]

Paternity Test

Can You Do a Paternity Test While Pregnant?

When you’re pregnant, it makes sense to want to know as much as you possibly can. While some things can be easier to navigate than others, it doesn’t mean the harder questions need to go unanswered— or even wait until the baby is born. Whether it’s your first pregnancy or an addition to your growing […]

Drug Testing Pros and Cons

How long does an employer have to drug test me if I get hurt on the job?

Generally, an employer has up to 12 hours after a work-related accident to drug test the involved employee/employees. Depending on the type of testing, it would be no later than 32 hours after the initial incident report. The need for drug testing after incidents in the work place comes from rules and regulations around workers […]

Street Drug Test

Can you take a DNA test while pregnant?

Yes, it is possible to test the fetal cells found in the mothers blood as early as 7 weeks pregnant. This procedure is non-invasive for mother and child, so you can have peace of mind before your baby is born. The process is fast and simple. While a mother is pregnant, fetal DNA is mixed […]

How to Do DNA Testing for Siblings

Have you ever thought to yourself how can you be my sister/brother? We cannot possibly have the same parents. Probably this happens when your siblings annoy you. The truth is how often do environmental conditions play into how we act or don’t act like our siblings? How often is straight up genetics? If there are […]

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How Much Does a Paternity Test Cost? Why break the bank!

Jun 12, 2020 | DNA test, Paternity, Paternity Test, Prenatal DNA test CALL US FOR A FREE CONFIDENTIAL CONSULTATION AT 615.332.8838. WE’RE HERE TO HELP.   Cost for a Quality Paternity Test As one of the US most highly accredited and trusted DNA-testing centers, people ask us this question every day. With the explosion of DNA-testing providers in recent years, […]

DNA Testing & Paternity Testing Nashville

DNA Testing ReliaLab DNA Test provides legal paternity tests and personal DNA tests in Nashville and throughout the United States. ReliaLab DNA Test works with a fully accredited laboratory specializing in paternity testing and family relationship DNA testing. Having an AABB accreditation is key to ensuring accurate DNA test results, and most government agencies and courts require […]

DNA Paternity Test

When and How to Get a DNA Paternity Test

Nearly 300,000 paternity tests are conducted each year to determine parent relationships with young children. These tests may also be performed later in life to help grown children find their birth parents in the event that they had been adopted or even have questions about their familial background. If you are unsure who the father […]

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