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legal dna paternity tests

5 Situations Where You Would Need to Do a Paternity Test

300,000 people undergo a paternity test each year in the United States. These tests work to prove that the father and child are related by examining the potential father and child’s DNA. If a child is related to the parent, he or she will have 50% of the father’s DNA. Legal DNA paternity tests exist […]

how dna testing works

How Does DNA Testing Work?

If you’ve ever watched daytime television, you may have stumbled across tabloid talk shows where they try and determine the paternity of a child. Perhaps those scenarios have gotten you thinking about how DNA tests work and what they’re used for. In this article, we’ll explain how DNA testing works so not only do you get […]

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Small Strand with Secret Information: The Importance and Uses of the DNA Test

DNA testing is easier than ever now that you can test at home. In fact, more than 26 million people used an ancestry kit and added results to online databases. But discovering more about your ancestry isn’t the only reason DNA testing is useful. There are a wide variety of uses for a DNA test […]

DNA results of test

Avoid Delays in the Immigration Process

Nowadays, the laws and regulations around immigration have become extremely strict. This can make it difficult for anyone attempting to gain citizenship into the country. This whole process becomes even more difficult when you are absent of the proper documentation such as a birth certificate to gain access into the country. However, if these documents […]

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The Benefits of Paternity DNA Testing During Pregnancy

When there is a question as to who the father of a baby is, the easiest solution to that problem is to take a paternity DNA test. Being unsure of who the father of your new baby can bring upon a load of stress for a new mother. When mothers know who the biological father […]

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What is a Siblingship DNA Test?

Over the past few weeks, we have discussed heavily on the different types of DNA testing that is out there and the different areas they are used in to help determine either paternity, ancestry, or within the criminal justice system. One area we have not touched base on and is used less than the others […]

Legal file containing DNA results

Using Legal DNA in The Criminal Justice Field

The advancements of DNA testing has improved many areas in today’s society and brought forth advancements in solving some of history’s biggest questions. Criminal justice is just one of the fields where a DNA test can change everything. DNA forensics allow for law enforcement to be better equipped at catching someone who has committed a […]

DNA results

What DNA Test Results Can Tell You

When making the decision to take to take a DNA test, your only reasoning may be to find your ethnic breakdown and complete your family tree, but the DNA test results you receive from DNA testing can offer you much more than just knowing what part of your Europe your ancestors came from. Ever wonder […]

DNA sample being tested

How DNA Testing Works

As we have talked about in many of our previous blog posts, DNA testing has helped our world in so many different aspects. What we haven’t discussed is how DNA testing works. As someone who has used a DNA test, whether it be to discover ancestry or a paternity DNA test, you just know that […]

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Immigration DNA Testing

As we have discussed in previous posts, DNA testing has made tremendous leaps and bounds over the last few decades. We have seen this tool progress multiple areas in society and one of these areas includes the immigration process. Immigration DNA testing helps determine immigration applications whether it be for a visa, green card, or […]

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