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hiv test kit

5 Key Benefits of Having a Home HIV Test Kit

It’s been nearly 40 years since HIV was first identified in the United States and our understanding of the virus has advanced greatly in that time. In those early years, the virus was able to spread prolifically because infected individuals can be asymptomatic for months or even years after infection. As such, many of those […]

insulin resistance diet

Amazing Diet Guide for Diabetic People

If you have been diagnosed with diabetes, but are unsure of what you need to eat, you may be confused.  After all, it can be hard to stay healthy if you don’t know what a healthy diet looks like!  Do you need some tips on healthy foods you may want to add to your shopping […]

what does a background check show

What Does a Background Check Show?

Did you know that around 96% of employers conduct background checks before hiring someone? It makes sense. When you interview a person, you are only meeting them for a few minutes. A background check, like contacting references, gives an employer more insight it a potential employee’s character. But what information, exactly, can you expect to […]

Nationwide Drug Screening, Third Party Administrator - ReliaLab Test

ReliaLab Test, Your Full-service Third Party Administrator (TPA) for Drug Testing

ReliaLab Test, Inc. is a Full-service Local & Nationwide TPA (Third Party Administrator) of drug testing and background services. ReliaLab Test is a provider of Drug, Alcohol, Background screening for DOT and Non-DOT drug free workplace programs. We offer our clients the highest level of convenience, confidentiality, and screening integrity. ReliaLab Test would like to […]

Department of Transportation (DOT) testing

The Added Specifications for DOT Drug Testing

The Department of Transportation (DOT) mandates that anyone working in this line of work must take a DOT drug test. However, these employees are not just given a drug test like any other. The DOT implements certain specifications that their employee’s drug tests must adhere to. Make sure that you are aware of these special requirements […]

Background checks

The Legalization of Marijuana and Workplace Drug Testing

Over recent years, the legalization of Marijuana has become a national debate, and state governments have been going back and forth with it. The legalization process of the drug continues to make progress throughout the country, and it has businesses wondering what that will do for pre-employment screenings. When an employer chooses to drug test […]

Lab technician

How a Drug-Free Workplace Can Reduce Your Workers Compensation Insurance

No matter what line of work you are in, there is no such thing as having too safe of a workplace. Taking proper care of the employees that help operate your business is vital to growth and success in the workplace. Drug testing your employees is one basic step that can be taken to ensure […]

Saliva testing

Why Do Most Businesses prefer the Saliva Drug Test?

It can be a difficult decision when your business is determining what sort of drug test to administer and that is why you need to be informed of all your options before choosing which one to use. When an employer requires that an applicant take a drug test, it can come in many different forms. […]

STD testing

What are Drug Adulterants and What Type of Drug Test Is Best to Detect Them

It is well known by now that a drug free work spaces are the most productive and positive. Companies are cracking down on drug use in the work place, and drug testing is becoming more popular to ensure that employees are staying clean while on the job. However, if an employee knows about an upcoming drug test and is […]

Titers testing

The Difference between a Blood and Urine Drug Test

When regarding drug testing, every method serves the same purpose and that is to determine if a person is using any form of illegal drugs. The different types of tests that can be used all possess various factors that are important for administrators to know before choosing which type of test to use. Blood and Urine drug […]

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Whether you are an individual looking to get a drug test done today or an employer looking to get a pre-employment drug test done today, ordering a test online is easier than ever! Just submit your order online, receive your test authorization by email, go to your local clinic to be tested, and receive your test results in 24 to 48 hours.

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