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Why Do Most Businesses prefer the Saliva Drug Test?

Saliva testing

It can be a difficult decision when your business is determining what sort of drug test to administer and that is why you need to be informed of all your options before choosing which one to use. When an employer requires that an applicant take a drug test, it can come in many different forms. The most common method used by businesses is the saliva drug test. This is the process of using taking a mouth swab from the applicant to test if they have used any sort of drug. The sample will absorb the applicant’s saliva and analyze the enzymes to determine if any parent drug is in their system. This type of drug test will also ensure that the sample is human and has not been diluted.

Saliva drug testing is the preferred method for most businesses because it is inexpensive and the least intrusive. Saliva samples can be taken on-site, and the results can be given in-house making them quick and efficient for the employer. Other methods such as blood test or hair samples have to be sent back to a lab for the results to be determined. A saliva sample can reduce the cost of sending samples back to a lab and can streamline the hiring process. This allows for employers to quickly administer drug tests and determine the results which in turn, leads to the applicant starting on the job faster.

A saliva test is mainly used to determine if an applicant has used any sort of drug recently. This method of drug testing can detect most drugs in the saliva from the past 24-48 hours. The window for detection with a mouth swab is short which is the only negative aspect of choosing this method. If your business is concerned with long-term drug use, it is best to choose another method such as a hair sample, but if you want to know if a candidate is actively using this method is a great outlet. The saliva test is also a method for random drug testing in the workplace. If your company’s policy requires employees to be randomly drug tested, then the saliva test is perfect because it will detect drugs that have been used recently which can determine if the employee is actively using on the job.

Drug Testing applicants and actively drug testing in the workplace are essential to maintaining a positive work environment. The mouth swab test is the most common method amongst businesses because of its efficiency and cost-effectiveness. The results will come almost immediately, and an employer will know if they should move forward or away from a candidate. Because the detection of drugs is such a short period, saliva testing is a great method to use for random drug screenings to ensure the workplace is kept safe, and employees are staying responsible in this space.

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