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Archive for December, 2019

Hair Drug Test

The Hairy Truth: 5 Myths About the Hair Drug Test

Depending on the industry you work in, drug screening may be a condition of employment. Some companies also use random drug testing to screen employees for insurance and employment purposes.  The most common method of screening is a urine test. However, the hair drug test is gaining popularity among employers for its accuracy and the […]

What Is a Street Drug Test Kit and What Does it Detect?

Many people require drug testing for new jobs and by court order, but how do you use a drug test kit? Regardless of why you need drug testing, there are options available where you can order the tests and have them processed. They can determine if you have recently consumed various street drugs and if […]

Background check red flags

Background Check Red Flags Employers Should Watch Out For

Do you run background checks on people that you plan on hiring? Are you worried about running into a potential hire with a questionable history? If so, then there are certain background check red flags that you need to look out for when looking for prospects. Some signs indicate a person who has tendencies that can […]

Many Birds, One Stone: What You Can Find with a Drug and Alcohol Test Panel

Are your employees responsible for the safety of others? If so, you might need a multi-panel drug and alcohol test. These tests are required by government employees, law enforcement officials and medical professionals. Most employer screenings only look at 5 common drugs, but our panel includes screening for more than 20 drugs plus alcohol. Read on […]

Saliva Drug Test

Oral Screening: Understanding the Benefits of a Saliva Drug Test

How often do people use drugs at work? More often than you think. According to one survey, 70% of participants admitted to using them while at work. Given that, it’s not surprising to know that many employers require drug tests as part of their hiring process. For example, it’s not uncommon for them to require urine […]

Order a Test

Whether you are an individual looking to get a drug test done today or an employer looking to get a pre-employment drug test done today, ordering a test online is easier than ever! Just submit your order online, receive your test authorization by email, go to your local clinic to be tested, and receive your test results in 24 to 48 hours.

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