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Many Birds, One Stone: What You Can Find with a Drug and Alcohol Test Panel

drug and alcohol test

Are your employees responsible for the safety of others? If so, you might need a multi-panel drug and alcohol test. These tests are required by government employees, law enforcement officials and medical professionals.

Most employer screenings only look at 5 common drugs, but our panel includes screening for more than 20 drugs plus alcohol. Read on to learn more about this type of drug and alcohol test.

What is Screened in a Multi-panel Drug and Alcohol Test?

Our drug and alcohol test screens urine for more than 20 types of drugs. Make sure employees disclose any current legal medication use beforehand. Many of these drugs are legal prescription medications but can be liable for abuse.

Our test includes:

  • Amphetamines: This includes speed, meth, Ritalin, and Adderall for up to 2 days in urine.
  • Barbiturates: This includes sedatives and depressants like Amytal or Nembutal. The short-acting form is detectable for up to 2 days, but the long-acting form can be detected up to 3 weeks later.
  • Benzodiazepines: This includes sedatives and depressants like Xanax and Valium. They are detectable up to two weeks or even longer with chronic use.
  • Cocaine: This includes both crack and cocaine for up to 4 days in urine.
  • Marijuana: This includes both traditional marijuana as well as synthetic, such as spice. One use can be detected up to one week later. With chronic use, it’s stored in fat cells and is detectable in a drug test even 2 months after use.
  • MDMA: Also known as ecstasy, MDMA can be detected up to 2 days later.
  • Opiates: This includes morphine and codeine. These painkillers are heavily abused in the United States, leading to an established opioid crisis recognized by the national government.
  • Heroin: This hard drug can be detected up to 2 days after use.
  • Phencyclidine (PCP): This hallucinogen can be detected for 2 weeks, or up to 1 month for chronic users.

Our urine test can also look at alcohol use. Many people don’t realize that alcohol testing for alcohol is possible.

That’s because consuming alcohol for recreation is legal as long as you aren’t consuming it at work. And this test isn’t sensitive enough to distinguish between use one day ago and current use. But there are several instances where this could be useful, which we’ll talk about next.

What are the Benefits of a Multi-panel Drug and Alcohol Test?

So, what are the benefits of a multi-panel drug and alcohol test? Instead of only testing for a handful of illegal drugs, this type of panel also tests for abused prescription medications. 

This can be particularly beneficial for the medical field. About 20% of nurses and 10% of physicians will fall victim to drug or alcohol abuse. That’s because by the nature of their job description they have access to several prescription drugs on a daily basis.

Urine alcohol screening can be handy in a subset of situations as well. For example, it’s beneficial for testing underage alcohol consumption. Additionally, you can test for abstinence in former alcoholics.

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