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How to Get a Low Testosterone Test to Check Your Levels

low testosterone test

Testosterone deficiency has become 10% to 40% more common in adult men on average. It also has a 20% prevalence in AYA men between the ages of 15 to 39 years old. Testosterone levels are something that many men think about frequently. This is something that is important for young and old men alike since it can affect any age. If this is something that is concerning you, you may need to get a low testosterone test.

This will help you to better understand your testosterone levels and what is healthy.

Keep reading to find out more about using a low testosterone test.

What Is Low Testosterone?

Many people have heard about testosterone but don’t know what it is. This is the male sex hormone that is created in the testicles.

These hormone levels are vital for sexual development and function in men. Testosterone is what helps boys during puberty as their voice deepens and they become more masculine.

Testosterone is also responsible for making sperm and helping with sexual drive. Some men have a higher risk of having low testosterone due to TD.

TD, also called testosterone deficiency syndrome, means that you are deficient in this hormone. But some men also struggle with low testosterone from other causes.

Symptoms of Low Testosterone

Now that you know what testosterone is, what are the symptoms of this hormone imbalance? You will want to look out for symptoms if you suspect this is a problem you have.

Keep in mind that many of these symptoms are quite vague and could indicate other issues. It is always a good idea to seek medical care if you have medical concerns.

There is only so much guesswork you can do without actual tests. That being said, here are some symptoms you can look out for if you worry about low testosterone.


Having low testosterone can cause something that is referred to as ED. This stands for erectile dysfunction, which makes it impossible to keep an erection.

This is something men may develop later in life as they get older. Testosterone naturally starts to get lower as you age, so this is quite normal.

But if you are young or in very good shape, this could indicate an issue.

Low Energy

Another symptom that you may feel is fatigue, which never seems to go away. This often makes you feel tired or like you have no energy even if you are rested.

You can also suffer from a low sex drive due to a lack of desire or a lack of energy. This is often compared to ED, but they are two different things that have different kinds of symptoms.

If you are generally healthy and active, these are symptoms that can indicate low testosterone.

Mental Health Issues

The male hormone testosterone has the ability to affect your mental health. Some men with low testosterone may start to feel irritable or have depression.

This can have both a physical and mental connection to low testosterone. Your mental health may go down because you don’t feel good about yourself or your body.

But the lack of this hormone can also mess with how your body processes other hormones and feelings.

When to Test Yourself

If you are worried about low testosterone, you can always test yourself. This is a great option that is available to people so that they can avoid going to the doctor.

These tests are available online, making them easy to order and have delivered. This can help you to understand if what you are feeling is related to low testosterone.

You can try out a low testosterone test by getting health and fitness testing at ReliaLab Test. These tests are available for both men and women to check general health.

The test for men checks cholesterol as well as testosterone levels. If you have any of the symptoms listed above, this can be a good way to figure out what is going on.

When to See Your Doctor

Most experts recommend you go to your doctor for a low testosterone test. Your doctor has access to more equipment and can provide a broader perspective.

It is important to keep in mind that these symptoms can be caused by other issues. Symptoms for low testosterone are pretty vague and could indicate more serious health concerns.

Because of this, it is a good idea to get checked out by your doctor. They will be able to figure out what is going on and if it is something that needs to be treated.

Certain symptoms that you should watch out for our erectile dysfunction and fatigue. These are things that could indicate that something is imbalanced with your hormones.

Is Low Testosterone Serious?

Having low testosterone can become serious if it is not treated. These levels can drop too low, greatly reducing your bone strength and muscle mass.

Because it is a hormone, it has several functions in the body that you may not even notice. If the levels drop too low, your entire body will be impacted as well as your sexual health.

The Best Low Testosterone Test 

If you have a low sex drive and fatigue, your hormone levels may be off. Taking a low testosterone test is a great way to see if this is the problem without having to go to a doctor.

These tests show your testosterone levels, helping you to identify what may be causing your symptoms.

Do you want to order a low testosterone test? Contact us today at ReliaLab Test to order your health and fitness test.

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