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How DNA Tests Can Help in Making Informed Decisions

DNA Tests

More than 20 percent of Americans have taken at-home DNA tests, according to a recent survey from YouGov. And more than 40 percent say if one were offered at no cost, they’d take one. If you are curious about DNA test results, it’s obvious many of your fellow Americans are too.

DNA tests allow you to know about the genetics of certain medical conditions. DNA test results to help you medically plan for your future. You can also customize your diet and exercise routine.

Here’s how DNA tests can help you make more informed decisions. 

Understanding Genetics

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, genetic DNA tests determine changes or mutations in your genetic makeup. Essentially, it’s a snapshot of your medical history. Millions of people might be walking around without knowing that a genetic test could save their life. 

DNA tests can detect if you have the genetic makeup that might put you at moderate or higher risk for certain types of cancers. Many people are anxious about their risks and how to prevent future illness. 

Women might also choose genetic testing when they become pregnant. You might learn of any abnormalities or genetic disorders before the child is born. There are hundreds of things to be tested for in the process. 

Moreover, it can help give you peace of mind. If your mother, sister, and grandmother developed breast cancer, you would want to know if you had the gene. If your father, brother, and grandfather all developed prostate cancer, it would be similar.

Planning for the Future 

Genetic medical tests will put you on the best path forward as you make medical decisions and plan for the future. You can discuss your genetic medical tests with your doctor to discuss health care and medical care decisions.

For example, DNA tests will keep tabs on certain preventative tests, such as colorectal or skin cancer screening. Perhaps it means as part of your health care, you’ll do testing earlier than recommended. 

Your doctor might also recommend certain medications or vitamins to boost your immune system or prevent illness. 

To illustrate, allergy tests will keep you on the proper medication to free you from sneezing and a runny nose. Allergy tests tell you what to avoid, such as certain grasses, food, or animals. 

Some people might even choose medical decisions, such as risk-reducing surgery to eliminate a specific cancer threat as part of their health care. 

Risk-reducing surgery can lower breast cancer risk by as much as 90 percent for women with a high risk of breast cancer. According to the American Cancer Society, it can increase your lifespan. 

Customizing Diet and Exercise 

Knowing you’re at risk for certain diseases allows you to customize your diet and exercise plan to lower your risk. You can eliminate certain foods to reduce problems and increase your intake of the better stuff!

Obesity is a significant problem in the U.S., with about 40 percent of Americans being overweight, according to the Food Research and Action Center. Losing weight makes you healthier. The less weight you carry around, the better impact on your joints, bones, and body organs.

Exercise increases your weight loss. It raises your metabolism. Overall, you’ll feel better.

There’s an old saying, ‘you can’t out-train a bad diet.’ You must eat better to make exercise effective. A cleaner, healthier diet by avoiding fast food and unhealthy choices will get you fitter faster.

There are plenty of diet and exercise experts that can help. They can develop weight training regimens and a healthy eating plan. Group fitness and even cooking classes can help if you are struggling. 

Your doctor will also commend you for getting a hold on your medical care by increasing your exercise routine and healthy eating habits.   

Paternity Testing

Paternity DNA testing determines the identity of the father of a child. In many cases, paternity DNA testing is used for legal claims for child support payments and custody disputes. Tests can end years of uncertainty once lawyers get involved in the process. 

Sometimes, the court can order a paternity test to settle disputes. 

Testing in a paternity case can also determine the child’s rights or lineage. 

Even if there’s no legal or custody case, paternity DNA testing will let you know the child’s father. It will give you peace of mind and add closure to a confusing scenario. 

Moreover, it helps to answer the ‘unanswered questions’ that may have lurked in the family for decades. It can help the child and/or the biological parents ‘move on’ and accept reality.

Drug and Alcohol Screening 

Testing for drug and alcohol screening is standard during the hiring process. However, DNA testing can also help people determine their risk for drug and alcohol dependency. 

A result that shows you’re at high risk might cause anxiety, which a doctor could treat. Essentially, you see the warning signs right in front of you. 

Drug screening and alcohol screening using DNA can prevent many problems during your lifespan. Knowing the risk allows you to focus on steady employment, family life, or limiting exposure to drugs and alcohol. 

Drugs and alcohol can destroy your life- even those of people you don’t know. Knowing the risk and limiting the impact on yourself and others is essential. 

Using DNA Tests To Make Informed Decisions

You can use DNA tests to make informed decisions about understanding your genetic history, planning for the future, and customizing your diet and exercise. Moreover, DNA tests can help you decide on paternity issues and drug and alcohol prevalence. 

DNA tests give you the scientific data to back up any claim and give you the sound knowledge you deserve.

Contact us today, and let us show you how DNA tests can help you make an informed decision about several things. Our skilled technicians and experts will have results in a short amount of time. Give yourself the comfort you deserve!

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