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5 Common Pitfalls to Avoid When Ordering Drug Tests Online

ordering a drug test

Ordering drug tests online is a super-easy way to get your testing needs addressed whether you’re an employer or individual. But before jumping in, you need to be mindful of the common pitfalls that threaten to compromise your efforts.

In the following article, we’ll be pointing out what those pitfalls are. We’ll also offer valuable tips for working around them. So let’s start the test! 

1. Unfamiliarity with the Laws

One way online drug tests have a bigger chance of going off-the-rails is in their legality. Taking a more active DIY approach requires you to be familiar with all the testing regulations in your state or jurisdiction. 

For example, can you test for marijuana if your state allows medical and/or recreational use? Make sure you’re not about to violate laws or Civil Rights before you begin. It’s also probably a good idea to consult with an attorney before settling on a course of action. 

2. Overspending

Another potential pitfall of drug test online ordering is spending too much. How do you do that?

In short, this can happen by testing for too much or pursuing a more evasive (and expensive) test than what you’re actually needing. To keep this from happening, learn the different types of tests that you can order, such as: 

  • Urine tests: these are cheaper than other forms of testing and less invasive.
  • Saliva tests: not quite as affordable as the urine test but still within budget and very affordable.
  • Hair tests: a step up in expense but more far-reaching in the number of contaminants it can test for accurately. 
  • Blood tests: the single most accurate but also the single most expensive and invasive. 

Bottom line: know the laws, what’s important to test for given the position’s functions, and what you can afford. 

3. Invasiveness

We touched on invasiveness in number two. But it’s worth a little more focus. When you are in the position of administering a drug test, you want to: 

  • Make sure you’re capable of doing it yourself; or 
  • Secure the proper personnel to accurately and painlessly pull it off. 

Assess the logistics of your situation. Warn the subjects ahead of time if needed. And don’t order any drug tests until you’re confident it’s something you can handle.

4. Failing to Administer Properly 

Faulty administration is a problem, as seen in a 2015 study that listed it as a contributing factor to the decline of positive results despite a rise in certain types of drug use. 

The different variations of drugs and concealment practices may also have something to do with that. That’s why it’s important you have strong administrative support in place.

5. Thinking All Tests Are the Same

The last common pitfall of online drug test ordering is the inability to determine which will be the most accurate for your specific needs. As we’ve established, not all drug tests are the same. 

They vary in cost, administration, and, yes, accuracy. For a breakdown of which ones are the most accurate, make sure you give our previous blog post on the subject a read-through here.

Ordering Drug Tests Online Requires Some Homework

Ordering drug tests online is certainly convenient and affordable. And many of the kinks have been ironed out. But you’ll still want to be choosy in what you’re ordering and whom you’re ordering it from.

If you’re ready to give it a try, we encourage you to reach out. Contact us today to see which options we have for individuals and employers

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