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5 Situations Where You Would Need to Do a Paternity Test

legal dna paternity tests

300,000 people undergo a paternity test each year in the United States.

These tests work to prove that the father and child are related by examining the potential father and child’s DNA. If a child is related to the parent, he or she will have 50% of the father’s DNA.

Legal DNA paternity tests exist to ensure that you or the person you suspect is the father takes accountability for their child. There are several legal circumstances that exist that would make paternity testing in your best interest.

In this blog post, we’ll go over a few of them.

Read on for more information on paternity testing and when you should take one.

1. Custody Disputes

In some custody disputes, the person asserting to be the father of the child is not actually the father. In this case, they would not have legal access over the child unless they have previously legally adopted the child.

In order to resolve these disputes, a paternity test is needed.

2. Inheritance

When someone dies or is very ill, mysterious relatives sometimes come out of the woodwork. Most often, these never-before-seen individuals are just looking for a handout. Previously, before the science of paternity testing made it possible to verify, almost anyone could show up and claim to be a relative.

Nowadays, science can actually prove it.

Some of these people that show up are legitimately long-lost relatives, so taking a paternity test will help put any hesitations to rest. If the person they’re claiming is their father has passed away, there are still tests you can take to determine if they are, indeed, the child of the deceased.

3. Immigration

Often times, when immigrating to another country, you’ll only be allowed to enter with your close relations. Children are considered your close relations, but not everyone has documentation of this. If you’re fleeing a bad situation abroad, you may not have had time to pack all of your birth certificates and other proof.

In this case, a paternity test can help prove that your children are actually your children and that they should stay with you as you settle into a new life.

4. Child Support

Is the father of your child not paying child support? Or, do you think you’re paying child support for someone who isn’t your child? If so, a paternity test can put this to rest very quickly and easily.

Once you’ve taken a court-ordered paternity test, the legal system can then help rule over what the father does, or does not, owe.

Legal DNA Paternity Tests

Legal DNA paternity tests are important for a wide variety of reasons and can help you immensely in court by proving, or disproving your paternity.

If you’d like to order a test, click here to start the process now. Get the answers you need to help you and your child move on with your lives. 


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