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Avoid Delays in the Immigration Process

DNA test results

Nowadays, the laws and regulations around immigration have become extremely strict. This can make it difficult for anyone attempting to gain citizenship into the country. This whole process becomes even more difficult when you are absent of the proper documentation such as a birth certificate to gain access into the country. However, if these documents are unavailable, you can still go through the process by taking an immigration DNA test. This type of DNA test helps prove the biological relationship between the person seeking citizenship into the country and their sponsor. 

If this is the route you are forced to take to gain citizenship, it is crucial you are aware of the specific requirements and regulations that are necessary for an eligible immigration DNA test.

  • Must Use Chain-Of-Custody Documentation 

The lab that is processing the DNA test for these purposes must have a very strict chain of custody procedure during the collection and delivery of samples to ensure the samples have not been tampered with during the process. They will first verify the ID of both parties taking the test, witness the collection of the DNA samples, seal them carefully, and send them to the appropriate offices. This whole process is documented extensively and these documents are reviewed upon arrival. 

  • Samples Must Be Shipped Directly

The easy-to-use collection kits are shipped to each party. These kits are included with clear instructions on how the samples should be collected. After the samples have been collected from participants, the parties must send them back to the proper collection site to be tested and sent back to the government. 

  • DNA Lab Must Coordinate with U.S. Embassy

When the laboratory assigned for an immigration DNA test sends the results back to the government, they must provide easy-to-read and easy to comprehend results directly to the U.S. embassy. One way this type of testing is commonly delayed is when participants attempt to coordinate with the embassy themselves. You will be able to access your results once they have been collected, but you should avoid trying to coordinate with the embassy. That is the job of the DNA laboratory. 

With more and more people trying to gain citizenship into the country, it can take some time to hear back about an immigration DNA test. We want to give you the information necessary so that you can avoid as much delay with this process as possible. Ensuring that the lab you choose has the proper accreditations to perform this type of DNA test and that they are following all the necessary guidelines will help streamline your case allowing you access to citizenship that much faster. 

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