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Can You Eat Before A Drug Screening?

Can you eat before a drug screening

If you’ve ever been selected for a random drug screening, or had to do one for any reason, you’ve likely wondered before if you’re allowed to eat before a drug screening. Maybe you’ve heard rumors that if you eat a certain food the drug test will say you’re positive for a particular drug, and worried about the impacts your innocent breakfast could have had. If so, you’re not alone— many people have wondered the same thing. There are several stories floating around regarding if you can eat before a drug screening, and we’re here to sort out fact from fiction.

This article explains if you can eat before a drug screening, and the foods in particular you should avoid if possible. For personalized advice or to order a test, contact our team at ReliaLab today.

Can You Eat Before A Drug Screening?

In short: Yes, generally you can eat before some types of drug screenings. However, it depends on the sort of test you’ll be having. Some may require you to fast, while others do not.

If you’re having a urinalysis, you may eat and drink before the test. Some foods may cause a false positive to appear, though, so there are some foods you should avoid if possible.

If you’ve been advised to fast before your drug test, make sure you do so to ensure the validity of the results.

Foods That May Affect A Drug Screening

False positives on drug tests can occur if the person has a high enough level of chemicals and metabolites in their system. Although these can come from drugs— which the test is intended to discover— these can also be found in certain foods. If you believe you have a false positive due to eating any of the following foods, a simple blood test can prove your innocence.

1. Poppy Seeds

In the case of poppy seeds, the rumors are true. Poppy seeds are a known culprit of false negatives on drug tests due to the fact that opium comes from the same plant that poppy seeds do. Even if your morning bagel has a small sprinkling of poppy seeds, save it for the next day just in case. This is because even a small amount of residue on a poppy seed can trigger a false positive.

2. Pizza

It’s sad but true that one of our most beloved foods can cause a false positive on a drug test. Pizza can do this because it contains yeast, which makes the pizza dough rise. Yeast ferments sugar into alcohol, which in turn can be enough to make you test positive for THC even if you’re innocent. To be on the safe side, skip the pizza for a couple of days before your drug test.

3. Hemp Seeds

Snack bars, granola, and anything else that contains hemp seeds can trigger a false positive on a drug test. This is due to the hemp itself, which comes from the same plant as marijuana. Drug tests cannot decipher where the hemp came from, only that it’s present. While the THC in hemp is very low, it’s still easily detectable during testing.

4. Coca Tea

If you’re a keen tea drinker, it’s recommended you don’t drink any made from coca leaves for a couple of days before a drug test. Coca leaves contain cocaine, a psychoactive alkaloid, and can affect the results of your drug test for up to 36 hours after you consume it.

5. Tonic Water

Tonic water is harmless enough, right? Not when it comes to drug tests. Whether you’re drinking tonic water on its own or as a mixer in another drink, it can affect your drug test results. This is because it contains quinine, and small traces can trigger a false positive on your drug test.

6. Durian

Durian is a prickly fruit found in Asian countries that many people know due to its reputation as being a bit smelly. This divisive fruit can also give false positives on a drug test due to the ‘mouth alcohol’ that lingers after eating it.

In addition to these foods, you should try to avoid foods high in salt and vanilla before a drug test.

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