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Clearinghouse: Get Registered Now

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The Federal Motor Carrier Administration (FMCSA)’s clearinghouse database is going live in January 2020. In order to help employers and drivers get prepared for that, registration is now open. That means you can get your company and your employees registered today. Drivers, you should also get signed up now (see below).

FMCSA Clearinghouse Registration for Employees

Note that in order to access the FMCSA Portal, you’ll need to have a USDOT number. Completing this process is much easier when you can log in and use the FMCSA Portal. However, if you don’t have access to the portal, you can still complete the process.

Register for the Clearinghouse

  1. Create a account.
  2. Identify and register administrator. The administrator has full access to the site and can add other users.
  3. Identify and add other users. 
  4. Designate your C/TPA: Enter your Consortium/Third-Party Administrator (C/TPA) – Relialab Test in this case

You’ll eventually need to purchase queries. A query is how you check the database on your current and prospective drivers. Read more here (PDF).  You must purchase a package of inquiries, Relialab Test cannot purchase them for you.  Each inquiry will cost $1.25. You can perform the required inquiries yourself or assign your Consortium/Third Party Administrator (C/TPA).

Here is a handy set of instructions from the FMCSA: Download PDF

You may also be wondering if we can help you register, as your Consortium Administrator. Unfortunately, no, we cannot. You have to get your company registered directly.

FMCSA Clearinghouse Registration for Drivers

Drivers also need to register for an account. Registration is now open, so you can get signed up now and be ready when the database goes live in January. This also allows you (drivers) to access your records anytime. You’ll be able to see any drug or alcohol violations as well as your Return to Duty (RTD) status.

Here are the Driver registration instructions: Download PDF

Get Registered Today

Remember, using the Clearinghouse database is not an option. You’ll be required to register, report incidents, and query your drivers’ records. The best way to be ready for this is to get registered now. If you have questions, check out the FMCA’s FAQs. Also, make sure to take advantage of our consortium services here at Relialab Test. We will handle all of your DOT drug and alcohol screenings for your drivers.

Order a Test

Whether you are an individual looking to get a drug test done today or an employer looking to get a pre-employment drug test done today, ordering a test online is easier than ever! Just submit your order online, receive your test authorization by email, go to your local clinic to be tested, and receive your test results in 24 to 48 hours.

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