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Retesting DUI BAC levels for your DUI case

Alcohol testing

What is BAC?


BAC stands for Blood Alcohol Concentration. It’s the percent of alcohol in the blood stream. The blood alcohol concentration level for most states is 0.8. This is the number that can decide between being arrested for a DUI or not. It’s extremely important for your possible DUI case, and you want to make sure it’s accurate.

Once you’ve been pulled over and police suspect a possible DUI and choose to test your blood alcohol level, they may take you to the hospital or police station where a phlebotomist will withdraw blood. It’s then sent off to a lab to be tested, where the results could take up to one month to come back.

This specific number is going to give the police and judge a view of the level of intoxication you were at. It’s vital to your case in being charged above or below the legal limit.


What can I do?

Get an attorney. You’ll need someone with experience and expertise on your side.

DUI Attorneys should recommend retesting the blood sample taken for your DUI case. The sample taken at the hospital or police station can be retested by an independent facility for a second opinion of the result. When your case comes down to a specific number, the accuracy is extremely important.


Benefits of retesting a blood sample for your DUI case

When a pending DUI charge is hanging in the air, it’s essential for your case that the BAC level is accurate. Retesting the blood sample to get a second opinion could change your fate in your case. a few factors that could have spoiled the original test could be

-expired blood collection tube

-not enough volume of blood sample provided by crime lab to retest

-the retested sample result comes back from the certified lab with a lower result number than the states crime lab

-improperly stored blood kit

-improper seal

-vial was tampered with

-improper mixture of blood and anti-coagulant


You’ll want a seasoned DUI lawyer to decide if retesting is the best option for your specific case. While the benefits could include a lower and more accurate BAC level, you’ll want to follow your lawyers advice. 

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