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Small Strand with Secret Information: The Importance and Uses of the DNA Test

DNA test

DNA testing is easier than ever now that you can test at home. In fact, more than 26 million people used an ancestry kit and added results to online databases.

But discovering more about your ancestry isn’t the only reason DNA testing is useful. There are a wide variety of uses for a DNA test and you might want to consider getting one done for yourself.

DNA tests also tell us a great deal about our family and potential health issues. Keep reading to discover the many benefits of DNA testing.

Paternity and Maternity Testing

One of the most common reasons for ordering a DNA test is to determine a child’s father. People order paternity tests for either peace of mind or legal reasons.

In civil court, paternity must be established through a reliable DNA test. Cases that deal with child support and chain of custody require paternity testing from accredited labs.

In addition to paternity testing, some people request maternity DNA tests. This confirms a biological relationship between a child and mother in the event of a child mix up at a hospital.

Family Trees and Familial Relationships

With a growing desire to learn about ancestry, more people want to fill in their family tree. DNA testing allows you to locate relatives and distant ancestors.

Both females and males may get their DNA tested to determine ancestry, but it’s easier for males. This is because males have the Y chromosome and women do not. Analysis of the Y chromosome provides details about your paternal ancestry.

Through DNA testing, you can discover your ancestors stemming back hundreds of years. You can also determine sibling relationships or find a long-lost sibling.

Hereditary Diseases

Test results also tell you about your health such as if you inherited a hereditary disease. By analyzing your DNA, you can take preventative measures to control health risks.

If you find out you may be at risk for a genetic condition or health issue, talk to your doctor. They may recommend lifestyle changes or order more labs to keep an eye on the issue.

Ethnicity and Ancestry

In addition to learning about your family tree, the best DNA testing also allows you to determine your ethnicity and family history.

Family history determines the origin of your ancestors. You may also discover that you’re related to certain famous people. Some websites charge for this information, but you can discover some details yourself after ordering a test.

Ethnicity lets you learn about your nationality and any geographic connections. You can also infer other information such as connections to certain tribes or groups.

Legal Court Cases

DNA tests are often used for legal reasons. These tests need documentation and witnesses to assure credibility.

DNA testing helps with child support and child custody cases. You may also use DNA to establish a biological relationship in an inheritance case or to receive certain benefits.

How a DNA Test Can Benefit You

DNA tests help establish connections and determine biological relationships. It can also help you discover more about yourself.

If you want to learn about your family history, inherited genetic conditions, or are curious about your ethnicity, a DNA test provides answers.

Now that you know the benefits of DNA testing, are you asking yourself where to find DNA testing near me?

We offer a variety of tests including DNA and drug testing in Nashville. Order a test online or call us today to get started.


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