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Top 5 Reasons Why You Want To Get Sibling DNA Testing Today

sibling dna testing

Have you been questioning if you and your sibling are really related? Maybe you look and act nothing alike, and it doesn’t seem possible you have the same parents. 

Or maybe someone else is questioning you. Is there a legal case or other matter where you need to prove the two of you are related?

Sibling DNA testing can answer a wide variety of questions. From family secrets to legal settlements, read on to learn about the top reasons you might want to consider a sibling DNA test. 

1. You’ve Found a Long-Lost Sibling

If you meet a sibling for the first time later in life, you might want to consider a sibling DNA test. A DNA test will be able to give you the peace of mind that you are in fact related to this person. It will also be able to tell you if you share one parent or two. 

2. You Question Who Your Real Mother or Father Is

Maybe you’ve always felt different from your sibling. A sibling DNA test can tell you if there’s a genetic reason for that. As at-home DNA tests are becoming more popular, more and more family secrets are being brought to light. 

You could ask your parent directly for their own DNA sample, but you might worry about offending them or hurting their feelings. A sibling DNA test allows you to find out the truth without creating any conflict with your parents.  

3. You Have Health Concerns

Being certain of your genetic relationships is important for your health. For example, proving your siblingship can help you know what health conditions you may be at risk for. You might also want a sibling DNA test to find out if you or your sibling could be a good blood or organ donor match for one another.  

4. You Have Legal Concerns

Sibling DNA testing can be used to prove relationships in a number of legal situations. For example, if a parent refuses or is unable to do a maternity or paternity test, a sibling DNA test can be used instead.

You may also need a DNA test to prove you and your sibling are related. This question may come up in legal issues concerning inheritance.

Certain immigration issues may also require you to prove that you and a sibling share at least one parent. If you need a DNA test for legal matters, make sure you choose a lab that is fully-qualified to provide tests for judicial purposes. 

5. You Want to Learn More About Your Family Tree

DNA tests can be a great tool for family and self-discovery. Sibling DNA tests can provide insight into your genetic makeup. Even if you share both parents, you each receive different genetic material. 

How to Find Sibling DNA Testing You Can Trust

Sibling DNA testing can answer a lot of questions and help provide peace of mind. Are you interested in finding out if someone is really your brother or sister? Check out our services page to find out how we can help. 

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