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How To Know If You Were Roofied? 4 Signs & Symptoms of Being Roofied

Signs of being roofied

How Do You Know If You Were Roofied?

A majority of the population has worried about date rape drugs (roofies) at some point in their lives. This fear continues to grow each year, with people using Google to search for ‘How to know if you were roofied’ a staggering 1,780 times in the first half of 2021!

Sixty-two percent of women surveyed by the DoJ had been drinking before experiencing assault or unwanted contact.

A large percentage of those surveyed were already taking prescription medication, making them more vulnerable. Yet only a small percentage of people being tested immediately suspected foul play.

The most obvious signs of being roofied are almost exactly the same as symptoms of intoxication. People may willingly drink too much and be more impressionable under the influence of alcohol. They may wonder what is a roofie.

Your symptoms may not seem out of the ordinary until after the fact. Some people may never realize they were drugged because their symptoms could be otherwise explained.

Take the ‘was I roofied‘ quiz below, which outline 4 signs & symptoms to look out for if you’re wondering how you know if you’ve been roofied.

Symptoms Of Being Roofied

The four main symptoms to tell if you’ve been roofied and need immediate help are:

  1. A sudden feeling of fogginess
  2. Unexplained symptoms of intoxication
  3. Unusual interaction with strangers
  4. Gaps in memory

Let’s explore these main signs further.

1. A Sudden Feeling of Fogginess

Drinking culture typically brings on images of confused or disoriented people struggling through the crowd. You may have seen people with visible symptoms of being roofied, but you wouldn’t know it at first glance.

Certain drugs make your brain feel cloudy. Others make people feel sleepy or spacey, making them less resistant to compliance. 

Drugs dissolved into drinks tend to have a pretty quick effect, especially immediate-release Xanax or Ketamine. Unless the person has been constantly drinking or taking shots, the effects of drugs will appear more sudden.

2. Unexplained Symptoms of Intoxication

So many roofie symptoms mimic those of drunkenness- and that’s no coincidence. Even close friends may struggle to tell what is (or isn’t) out of character for a friend who has been drinking.

A hangover, especially for those who have built up a tolerance to alcohol, could indicate drugs leaving your system. If you remember feeling weaker than usual the night before, this could be a side effect of a date rape drug.

Even if you feel fine, you want to be sure. Your job may require randomized drug tests, which would be an untimely way to find out you’ve been drugged.

3. Unusual Interaction with a Stranger

Popular clubs and bars may be crowded and overstimulating, taking the attention away from unusual behavior. Interaction among strangers is not only more likely, but encouraged.

Unfortunately, this makes it easy to administer drugs to just about anyone, especially total strangers. Support systems can easily be broken up without careful communication.

It’s important to remember that alcohol isn’t the only explanation for unusual behavior and shouldn’t be your first assumption. If you feel disoriented or unable to complete basic tasks, these could be roofied symptoms.

4. Gaps in Memory

You can lose consciousness from over-indulging in alcohol, but did you know that’s also one of the signs of being roofied?

You may notice memory gaps the night of the incident. Most people notice the gaps the next day, or fail to recall the prior evening in its entirety.

If you can’t remember how you got from one place to another, this is a particularly concerning symptom of being roofied. It’s easy to convince someone who is mentally vulnerable to move to an unfamiliar place.

Consider a lab test. These are typically designed to detect any unusual signs of being roofied.

Checking for Signs of Being Roofied

Even though people look to the chemical side of your symptoms, unusual interactions may quickly point to the source of your symptoms.

If you or someone realizes they made some unusual choices or blacked out faster than normal, err on the side of caution and write down any signs of being roofied.

When going out and having fun, safety always comes first. We offer more tips on how to enjoy life with the knowledge of what’s going on in your body. Check out our info page for more on effective testing and wellness programs!

If you’re unsure of whether you’ve been a victim of roofies, get tested by ordering online today.

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