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What Are the Different Types of Allergy Tests?

Allergy Tests

More than 100 million Americans experience some symptoms caused by allergies every year. These symptoms can range from minor, like sneezing, to more severe, like difficulty breathing. No matter what the symptom is, it’s annoying to not feel your best.

Especially when you don’t know exactly what is causing the reaction. This makes it difficult to avoid the trigger or arm yourself against it to avoid the symptoms. 

Allergy tests are the best way to figure out exactly what is going on with your body. They can help narrow down the specific allergen causing you problems. But knowing where to start can be overwhelming. Check out this guide for everything you need to know about allergy tests. 

Signs to Get an Allergy Test

Everyone experiences sneezing, itchiness, or coughing occasionally. So many put off getting an allergy test for too long. 

You’ll know it’s time to get an allergy test when the symptoms don’t clear up in a couple of days. Or when you get them on a regular basis. These both make it obvious that there’s more than a virus going on.  

Sudden symptoms, like a rash or difficulty breathing, are also clear signs you’re having allergic reactions. The faster you get a test, the quicker you can find regular relief. 

Panel Allergen Tests

For those who are just starting to find their trigger allergies, a panel allergen test is a good place to start. This test covers the four main allergy categories: grasses, animals, food, and pollen. 

A panel won’t show the exact allergen. But these tests help narrow down your search. So you can avoid a lot of unnecessary testing to get the specific answer. 

Single Allergen Tests 

Once you’ve narrowed down the allergy category, you can start single allergen tests. The first step can also be skipped if you have a good idea of what kind of allergen is causing you problems. Single allergen tests focus on individual triggers and are very specific. 

The unfortunate part of these tests is that often, you’ll have to do several of them to find your answer. But once you do, you’ll know exactly what’s causing you discomfort.  

Blood Test

There are a couple of different types of tests to figure out if you’re allergic to something or not. Many people start with a blood test. 

The blood is tested for specific types of antibodies that are produced to fight off the allergen. This is the best option for those who have skin sensitivities, are taking certain medications, or have severe reactions.

Blood tests are a simple and effective way to start figuring out what’s going on in your body.   

Skin Prick Test 

A skin prick test is often done because it gives such specific results. But this means you have to go to their clinic, often several times to get it done.  

In these tests, a person’s skin is pricked by a needle with the potential allergen. The skin is then checked for obvious signs of agitation that come with an allergic reaction. It’s often very clear which is the trigger immediately after. 

Obviously, this test isn’t as comfortable for the patient. Especially when several allergens are tested at once. But the results are undeniable and very helpful. 

Provocation Test

Similarly, a provocation test monitors the body’s reaction to specific triggers. This time, the allergen is introduced by having the patient breathe it in or eat it. Then the patient is monitored to see if it causes some kind of reaction. This kind of test is most often used for finding asthma triggers. 

Mold Allergy Tests 

For those patients who are having a difficult time figuring it out, they may want to try a mold test. 

Mold can be a very tricky trigger to figure out. Generally, we don’t know we’re being exposed to mold. So it’s not one of the first thoughts we have. However, it can cause very severe reactions if exposure goes on for too long. 

Testing for a mold allergy can be done in a skin prick or provocation test. Patients will generally have to ask for this specific test since it’s more uncommon than others. 

Seasonal Allergies 

A lot of people suffer from seasonal allergies. This means they only have symptoms at specific times of the year and then are fine the rest. Too many people just live with these symptoms instead of finding answers. 

But there’s no need to be miserable every year. Ordering a seasonal allergy test will help determine if that’s what’s happening. Then, you can also narrow down the exact trigger to help eliminate it’s effect on your life. 

Children’s Allergy Tests

One of the most common allergy tests ordered is for children. They tend to have more severe reactions as their bodies are building up immunities. This is especially true for food allergies. 

A child-specific allergy test starts with some of the most common allergens to narrow down the search quickly.  

Steps to Take After a Test

After you have your allergy tests done, you can make a plan to avoid that trigger as much as possible. 

For food allergies, you simply have to begin to avoid that ingredient as you eat. Other triggers can be more difficult to avoid. Things like pollen or dust mites can be almost impossible to clear out completely. Starting to deep clean your home regularly or adding air filters can make a big difference. 

It’s also important to start medications where necessary. Speak to your medical provider about the results you’ve received. 

Everything to Know About Allergy Tests 

There’s really nothing more annoying than feeling off and not knowing exactly why. Allergic reactions can make daily life uncomfortable. Or even unsafe if you’re not careful. 

Allergy tests help you understand exactly what’s going on with your body. Then you can make a plan to deal with your trigger the best you can moving forward. 

ReliaLabTest is known for getting you accurate results as quickly as possible. Our simple procedures will get you the answers you need. Start to move on from your allergies, and order a test today! 

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