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What is Phencyclidine?

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No workplace wants to find that their employees are abusing any type of drugs. Drug testing in the workplace is put into effect to avoid any harm or loss of productivity within such environments. Phencyclidine (also known as PCP) can be an extremely dangerous drug in the workplace and if found positive in a workplace drug test should be taken very seriously.

Phencyclidine is a synthetic, sedative drug that was initially used as an anesthetic. In today’s society, PCP is made in illegal labs and sold on the street. This drug can take effect in a person almost immediately and will typically last for 4-6 hours. The effects that PCP can give to a person are feelings of euphoria, super strength, and hallucinations. The level to which these effects are felt depend on the dosage that a person consumes. The higher the dosage, the greater these effects can be felt. Phencyclidine becomes dangerous with the other effects that come along with consuming the drug and a primary reason why they are included in workplace drug tests. Consuming PCP can cause aggression towards others, brain damage, amnesia, and a load of other problem causing side effects. Having an employee in the workplace that chooses to abuse this drug can cause an immense amount of danger to the entire workforce.

People on PCP can be a dangerous thing in the workplace, and this drug has no place in an efficient business work environment. A mandatory drug test is essential to ensuring the safety of these environments. Phencyclidine have a wide vary of detection ranges depending on the method of testing used. In a urine test, the drug can be detected in a person’s system as quickly as 4-6 hours after the drug has be consumed and can be found from anywhere between 7-14 days. In a hair test, PCP can be detected within 5-10 days and can stay in hair follicles for up to 90 days. A saliva test will pick up usage as quickly as 5-10 minutes after consumed and for up to 3 days.

People who use phencyclidine can be highly unpredictable and can be damaging to any work environment. Implementing drug test screenings during the hiring process is one way to keep abusers of any drug out of your business’s place of work. By way of random drug testing, your business can ensure that employees stay within these professional guidelines and give your work environment the best possible chance to be successful. Employers should keep an open line of communication with employees about their expectations of drug use in the workplace. Phencyclidine, whether being used in or outside of the workplace, has no place with your employees. If an employee should test positive for a drug such as PCP, it is important to evaluate the possible harm they can be to the workplace. Any employer who chooses to drug test their employees is looking out for the greater good of the rest of their employees and their company.

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