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Avoid These Common Mistakes at All Costs When Drug Testing Employees

Drug Testing Employees

All businesses should have a clear and concise drug testing policy when it comes to drug testing employees. Having a drug testing policy in place can help the company ensure that they do not hire drug abusers and also ensures that current employees are adhering to the workplace rules.

Commonly, at times the policy may not be followed in the way that it is supposed to be. Which can lead to mistakes being made that can cost the company more than just money in the long term.

Here we will provide you with the information that you need as an employer to ensure that you don’t make these crucial mistakes when drug testing your employees.

Drug Testing Employees: The Wrong Type of Test

There is a specific test that should be given for particular situations. Employers can’t provide a drug test whenever and to whomever they want. That is not how the policy should be written.


A drug test should be given to a potential employee before hiring them. This will ensure that the company is not employing someone that will prove to be unreliable and not come to work as scheduled.

Post Accident

Before an employee can return to work after an accident has occurred at work, they must be drug tested. This is to ensure the employee was not under any type of influence at the time of the injury.

Just Cause

If an employer suspects that an employee is using drugs they are allowed to require that employee be drug tested. The employer must have substantial evidence that the employee is impaired and unable to correctly do their job.

Using a Short Standard Test

Most companies will choose a test that only panels for 5 substances. Rather than selecting the tests that check for a wide variety of drugs.

When you use a test that only tests for a limited number of drugs, you could lose millions in worker compensation. This is because it won’t be documented that the employee was under the influence of drugs or alcohol at the time of the test.

Secretive Drug Testing Policy

If employees think that the drug testing policy is nonexistent or secretive, then they are less likely to take it seriously. All employees must be aware that the drug policy is in place to ensure that they do their jobs properly and are kept safe as they do their job.

Making sure that your employees are up to date about the drug testing policy will help them be prepared if they are called to be drug tested.

Ignoring the Signs

Not everybody is fond of confrontation. In fact, most people do their best to avoid it. Don’t make the mistake of noticing that an employee is showing signs of addiction and not doing anything about it.

This could cost the company money if the employee gets injured on the job and could cost the employee their life if their addiction is severe.


We are all humans, and making mistakes is part of being human. However, the way your drug policy is set up and the way that you administer drug testing should not be a mistake that is made.

Drug testing employees keeps your business running as smoothly as possible. For better options when it comes to drug and alcohol testing we have what you need.

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