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The Great Impact of DNA Testing

Great Impact of DNA testing

As our society has advanced, so has our understanding of what DNA is and how it makes up so much of who we are. DNA is referred to the blueprint or the foundation human cells that holds information required to encode our cells. This information, as we have continued to study what DNA is, has helped advance multiple fields and helped us uncover some great mysteries about humans. Let us look at some of the different areas where a DNA test can provide vital information.

Forensic Science

Every person has a unique code of DNA that identifies a specific individual. This is why when scientists began to understand what DNA was and how it operated, they began to use it in the criminal justice field. When forensic scientists collect samples of blood, tissue, or hair from a crime scene, they then go back to the lab and perform a DNA test with these samples to see if they can connect anyone at the crime scene. In the field, they will collect samples from people close to the victim or anyone that was at the crime scene to either rule them out as suspects or to determine if they can place them at the crime scene. DNA testing has helped solved a plethora of criminal cases, even cases that have gone cold. When a DNA match is presented as evidence in a court of law, it will more than likely help aid in a conviction.


As we look at a completely unrelated field, the agriculture industry has also benefited from the advancements in DNA modifications. DNA testing in the agriculture world is used as a tool to modify crops to make them more resistant to diseases. This tool also allows for crops to yield more than usual creating a larger quantity of usable food.

Paternity Testing

A paternity test is one of the primary areas that we see DNA testing being used. Mainly when we hear about this kind of testing, we think about it being used to determine the father of a baby, but it can also uncover so much more. A paternity test can help determine who the biological parents are of a child and are extremely useful in legal cases.

Other Notable Fields

DNA testing has been used in helping determine the ancestry of a bloodline, and you can find the origins of long-lost relatives. Many times, doctors will you DNA testing before a baby is born to determine if they are going to be born with any health conditions or diseases through the study of their genetic makeup. Doctors can also use your genetic makeup to determine if you carry specific cancer genes or viruses that may run in your bloodline.

DNA and our genetic makeup is quite a fascinating subject when you think about all the things we can learn from it. DNA is one of the most important components of our species and as science continues to advance, it may lead to helping us cure currently incurable diseases.

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